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This is why you should have clarifying shampoo in your shower

Most people understand the importance of a conditioning mask or moisture treatment at least a couple times a month, but so few people understand that a clarifying shampoo is just as vital to your monthly hair care regimen. There are many reasons and situations that call for a clarifying shampoo, some you may not have even thought of. Let’s lay out some practical uses for this awesome stuff.

1. Give your color services a boost.
Use it before your color service (every time). Using a clarifying shampoo before your color service will remove product build up or minerals to ensure maximum color saturation.

2. Cleanse your pallet.
Use clarifying shampoo to remove minerals from your water, and residue from your haircare products from your hair. Almost everyone can benefit from clearing everything from their hair and starting from scratch once every couple of weeks. Malibu Hard Water Wellness shampoo and conditioner are worth your time and money.

3. Reactivate a favorite regimen that is becoming lack luster.
Has your hair stopped cooperating, or stopped responding to your favorite styling products? It is time to clarify!

4. Get the most out of that new shampoo or styling product that you just picked up.
I always suggest clarifying before starting the use of any new cleansing, styling or conditioning product. You will get a much more accurate read on how your hair responds to it. The last thing you want is to be fighting old product build up when trying a fun new product.

5. It is an ethnic hair staple.
Ethnic hair that is pressed, worn natural, dreaded, or oiled in any way absolutely needs to be clarified at least every other week to keep its luster. Get those old oils out, girl!

6. Stay cool by the pool.
It’s summer time and the living is easy. Unless you’re developing a green tinge. If you find yourself in the pool often, you need to clarify to get that chlorine out. I really like Malibu Swimmers Wellness shampoo and conditioner.

Basically, clarifying shampoo is a much needed deep cleansing reset button for everyone’s locks. That is why everyone should have a bottle of this magical potion in their shower. We at Scizzors Hair Salon suggest Malibu-C’s clarifying lines and KMS Hair Stay Clarify Shampoo.

-Cortney Bliss from Scizzors Hair Salon

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