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Foods That Promote Hair Growth

Everyone desires hair that is shiny and full of body, yet it can often be difficult to achieve. A good diet helps promote healthy and strong hair growth.  [Read more…]

10 Essential Winter Hair Tips

Need winter hair tips? Winter can be a challenging time for maintaining healthy-looking hair.  [Read more…]

How to Keep Hair Color from Fading This Summer

Those who color their hair know how harsh the summer months can be on hair color.

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Arrojo: Daring to Be Unique

Scizzors is proud to carry a full line of Arrojo hair care products. Along with sharing the same name as the owner, the Spanish word “arrojo” translates in to “daring.” [Read more…]

Winter Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair, Nails and Skin

We know: it’s hard to believe that winter even exists in New England this year. [Read more…]

Top 10 Foods that Promote Healthy Hair

You’ve heard the saying before, “You are what you eat.”  But you may not have associated a well-balanced diet and certain foods with healthy hair.  [Read more…]