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Miracle in a Tube

Miracle in a Tube

I recently caved in and tried a new product that Renata, our front desk manager here at Scizzors, swears by. It is our own Smoke Brand makeup BB Cream. It is a multipurpose product that gives just the right amount of coverage and moisture in one quick application. I am a little bit late on this trend, but after the resounding recommendation, I tried it and instantly fell in love. Then I realized that, just maybe, I wasn’t the only one that hadn’t tested the waters of this new trending product.

BB cream stands for Beauty Balm. It is a medium coverage, multi-faceted tinted treatment cream that nourishes, evens tone and helps strengthen and protect skin on contact. Its Age-defying peptides and natural extracts help promote cell regeneration, strengthen elasticity and restore a youthful glow. It covers and treats imperfections, improves elasticity, softens fine lines and wrinkles, re-energizes skin, hydrates, and protects your skin with UV filters.

In short, this stuff does it all and it feels great on your skin while doing it. Not to mention, it comes in three shades that blend flawlessly on any skin tone, so you won’t have a hard time deciphering which color to take home. It is great as a primer under a full coverage foundation, or used alone. I have been getting out of the house ten minutes faster by cutting down on the number of products to apply. I also personally find that this is better for my ageing skin. If you have been battling with foundations because your skin is changing, or you are a busy woman on the go, this versatile cream is certainly worth a try.

-Cortney Bliss

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