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The Quick and Beautiful Messy Bun

Now that the new year has arrived, you may be spending a lot more time in the gym. Here is an easy way to save you a few minutes between the gym and the office. It is the ultimate messy bun, and the best part about this look is that your hair doesn’t even have to be washed!

After your workout, spray some high quality dry shampoo in your hair. I recommend Goldwell’s dry shampoo. It has the cleanest scent that I have ever smelled.

Next, and this step is very important to keep the look modern and soft, tease the daylight out of the hair at your crown. Then lightly comb the hair over the top of the teased section to create a smooth, effortless look.

Begin securing your hair in a low ponytail. With the last go around of your hair elastic, do not pull the hair all the way through, leaving a kind of loop of hair hanging out of the elastic. If your loop is not that large, feel free to pull more hair out to make the loop larger.

To finish the look, pull the loop out into a circular shape and bobby pin the edges back behind your hair elastic to create roundness and hide your elastic. If you would like to make more volume in your messy bun, pull pieces out a bit from your tuft after you have secured the entire bun. You’re done!

It takes about five minutes and now you are ready for the office. Happy New Year!

Calling All Curly Girls!

Calling All Curly Girls!


Fall back in love with your hair one curl at a time. Scizzors has an exciting new line of products for all of our Curly Girls! We are proud to be carrying the extremely reputable product line for all curly hair types, DevaCurl.
DevaCurl is based on a three step hair care regimen that is unlike any other. The magic Deva formula is cleanse, condition, and style. In 2002, DevaCurl launched NoPoo the very first suds-free cleanser on the market (which is now a staple for frizz free looks). It has won dozens of awards from many magazines. The most popular conditioner in the line is One Condition which is an ultra-creamy daily conditioner that delivers much needed hydration to all curl types. As for style, the possibilities are endless. The line offers many defining gels, creams, and foams. The stylists here at Scizzors are ready to help you pick your ideal potion.
There is a game changing tool that brings all of this together with a flawless finish. It is the DevaTowel. It is a remarkably soft, microfiber towel that provides a smooth surface and absorbs just enough water to allow DevaCurl styling products to set curls while keeping them defined. Unlike the coarse and absorbent texture of a terrycloth towel, DevaTowel won’t cause frizz.
Come try the DevaCurl experience at Scizzors and fall back in love with your hair and your products.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Beautiful This Winter

4 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Beautiful This Winter

1. Treat your hair once a week to a conditioning treatment.
This will help put some of the moisture back in your hair. The heat blasting in the winter really does a number on almost everyone’s hair. I suggest using the Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask. This offers deep hydration and conditioning, and also restores elasticity.

2. Regular trims are extremely important during the winter!
Keep them coming every six to eight weeks. Even a slight dusting of the ends will help prevent brittle or split ends. And we all know, that once they start splitting, you have to cut a whole lot more off to get it felling healthy again.

3. Try to wash your hair a bit less often.
The less you dry your hair out, the happier it will be. It is the winter, so sweat and humidity are at a minimum. This gives you the opportunity to wash your hair less and let some of your natural sebum (oil) protect your hair from the elements. Try using a dry shampoo to get you through that extra day. I really love Goldwell’s Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo (it is actually my favorite scent in the entire salon).

4. SECRET TIP ALERT… Use a humidifier.
Surprised you didn’t think of this a long time ago, right? When the heat is on, the air is drier than ever. Keep the moisture in your home and in your hair! I know what you’re thinking. Yes, humidifiers are usually pretty unattractive items to having hanging around the house, but check this out http://www.gizmine.com/gzhm/middle-colors-humidifier.shtml

You’re welcome 
Cortney Bliss, Stylist at Scizzors Salon

Got Breakage? We have a Breakthrough!

Got Breakage? We have a Breakthrough!
A new best friend for any woman that colors their hair.

Olaplex is a bond multiplier that dramatically eliminates breakage from chemical services and leaves hair feeling amazing. It is an additive that eliminates the bad reaction oxygen has with broken sulfite bonds in chemically treated hair. That means colored hair, lightened hair, permed or even overly ironed hair can feel like new again!

Dean Christal was trying to develop a silicone based alternative to Moroccan Oil and contacted UC Santa Barbara’s Dr. Craig Hawker who is one of the world’s leading chemistry PhDs. Hawker asked Christal, “What is the holy grail of hair product development?” Christal’s reply was, “If a beauty company could keep chemical treatments from hurting hair that would really be something!” Christal left the chemist’s office only to get a phone call ten minutes later. The next day Christal was handed the first jar of Olaplex by Dr. Hawker and his partner Dr. Eric Presly.

In its first four months of availability, it had already reached over 7,000 salons, including ours. The stylists here at Scizzors tried Olaplex treatments on each other at a staff meeting and we, as an entire staff, were blown away. It would be an understatement to say that we are excited to offer this Olaplex service to you. It is truly a game changer for anyone who colors their hair. This service is available as a supplement to your color, or you can have it done alone. It is a two-step program that only takes 20 Minutes and lasts until your next chemical service. Unlike a hair mask or conditioner that hydrates your hair, Olaplex actually strengthens your hair, making it healthier and shinier. And, although it’s primarily recommended to repair hair after, or during coloring, it can also be used to heal hair that’s seen too much heat.

10 easy steps to give your Elsa braid a SERIOUS upgrade


Elsa Braid


Have you ever tried to achieve that voluminous, textured, thick Elsa braid?  Haven’t we all?  Even the animators had to come up with a brand new software program to bring her famous locks to life.

As a hairstylist, I’ve given it a whirl, seen attempts, watched tutorial after tutorial and even attended updo classes that resulted in limp, lack luster braids.  Why has this seemingly simple, buxom braid been so unachievable?

Lucky for you… I have done my research and practice. Thus, I’m sharing my experience with you.  Here are ten easy steps that will give your braid a SERIOUS upgrade!  Listed in order of execution are some tips and hacks that will lead anyone to super plump Elsa braid victory.


    1. Create volume with hot rollers. This takes some time, but believe me, it makes all of the difference in the world. A curling iron is a decent alternative, and certainly better than not texturizing your hair, but it won’t give the optimum texture and bounce you are looking for.
    2. Texturize your hair with dry shampoo. Don’t be shy with product here. Volumizing powder is best, but not always easy to find. Dry shampoo does amazing work as well. I recommend using Goldwell Dual Senses Ultra Volume dry shampoo.
    3. Tease you hair ALL OVER. We are not just talking the crown here, people. Get your tease on!
    4. Create the effortless “bang” and support the braid. Gather the middle piece of the three initial braid sections into a ponytail with a small clear elastic. Add as much volume as you like to the base of this ponytail to create your voluminous bang. Then secure the elastic and section with a bobby pin to support the entire braid.
    5. Create your Dutch braid. A Dutch braid is an inside out braid that pops out of the sections. This is essentially a huge corn row braid.
    6. Base the braid.   Don’t be afraid to use bobby pins in the braid when putting it together, or when it is finished to support the integrity of the braid.
    7. HAIRSPRAY! This is self-explanatory. Use a working spray such as KMS Hair Stay medium hold hairspray.
    8. Pancake the braid. This means to pull the strands of the braid gently to fluff it out. Always start from the bottom and work up.
    9. Lift and Set. Grab your braid and lift it up and off the scalp. Use hairspray in the braid, on the braid, and UNDER THE BRAID. Let it all dry before you release your hand. This essential hack creates tons of volume. Use a very strong finishing spray for this step. I love KMS Hair Stay maximum hold spray.
    10. Define and perfect. Styling wax is now your best friend. Try KMS Hair Play Gel Wax. Define pieces that look good and tuck strays back into the braid. Use bobby pins to help hide stray hairs in your braid that may stick out from layering and wax it down baby!

Now you have the secrets.  They work.  I promise.  It takes a bit of time to get this look just right, but you will bring your hair to life like you have never seen.  Happy braiding!

-Cortney Bliss from Scizzors Salon

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