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Indulge in the Professional Blow Out Trend



Indulge in the Professional Blow Out Trend

Most women, at least occasionally, get their nails done but can certainly paint their own nails, right? This is the same thought process that goes along with getting your hair professionally blown out every now and then. Why not try hopping on the blow dry bandwagon?

You may have asked yourself, “Why is my blowout from my hair appointment always far superior to the attempts at home?” We will start at square one. In a salon, there are many shampoo and conditioner options at a stylist’s finger tips. Your shampoo and conditioner will always be salon quality and the choice of product will always be tailored to your specific hair needs. Next, you may notice that your stylist generally uses multiple products. Usually a stylist will use a moisture based product, a styling product, and finally a heat protectant. Most people don’t use at least three products before putting a dryer to their head. Also, in reality, your arms just cannot get to the angles around your own head the way someone else drying your hair can. We use top of the line salon grade blow dryers that most clients do not have at home. And lastly, stylists practice this all day. They do blowout after bouncy blowout. Stylists should be better than a person that does it once a day at most.

Moving on to what I consider the best part of going to a salon for a blowout… pampering. Is there anything better than a professional shampoo with a luxury line shampoo and conditioner? Why yes there is. A relaxing, indulgent service at an upscale salon will also usually include a stress relieving scalp, neck, and shoulder massage. The relaxing “me time” that you get at a salon while flipping through the latest gossip magazine with zero guilt and the taste of wine on your lips can not be replicated. No kids banging at the bathroom door. No laundry going. No racing the clock trying to get yourself looking together enough to get to work on time. Just you, relaxing, while you’re pampered. And, on the plus side, you look absolutely fabulous when you leave.

Don’t you think it’s about time you booked a blow out?

Balayage,Ombre,Sombre Oh My!


Balayage, Ombre,Sombre Oh my!


If you’re talking hair you’ve heard these terms before.  Each person most likely pictures something different when prompted with the words…Balayage, Ombre and Sombre. Maybe you’ve never heard of them before, either way, don’t fret we are here to break it down for you.   You want to stay on trend but are a bit confused on how to explain to your hair colorist what you like ? You’ve come to the right place.


Balayage (Pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE) is a technique hair colorists use to highlight or add dimension to your hair. You may have also heard balayage being called “hair painting”.  The two are one in the same.  Balayage is done by lightly painting on  hair color to create a graduated lightening from end to root. The idea is to create beautiful blends of multi-dimensional color. There are many methods to Balayage and each stylist may choose his or her own way in order to get the same end result. Some stylists may use boards,foils,mesh pieces,foam or plastic wrap..etc.  You can create many different looks using Balayage techniques. You can go from subtle and natural to rainbow bright all using Balayage techniques so it is important to discuss your end result desire at length. Simply saying I want Balayage isn’t going to cut it.

Ombre (Pronounced ohm-bray) is everywhere. You see it all over social media, all around town, some are fantastic some are not so fantastic.  There are memes about ombre. Its a pretty big deal. Done correctly it can be stunning.   Ombre by definition is: Having tones of color that fade into each other, graduating from light to dark.  To achieve this stark dark-to-light dip-dyed look, a stylist will use the balayage or hair painting technique. Like I mentioned when speaking of Balayage, the intensity of ombre can vary dramatically.    The dark tone to the light tone can be subtle or super contrasting.   Ombre can be achieved using natural tones or any color under the rainbow, quite literally.


If you look at your child’s beautiful natural,multi toned hair color with envy. Sombre is for you! Sombré (pronounced Sohm-Bray) is a soft, subtle ombre that typically blends higher up to achieve a more natural look. However, the ends remain all light, with only subtle hints of dimensional darkness going through. Our colorists perform Sombre regularly!  Here are two examples of Scizzors Sombre:


If you have any questions about Balayage, Ombre, Sombre please feel free to contact us anytime via social media, email Thesalon@scizzors.com or giving the salon a call 508-752-5555.  We look forward to enhancing your color at your next appointment!


Thanks for reading!



Hair Hacks

Hair Hacks: Get You Out Of Your Door So Much Quicker




As a first time mother, I have a newfound respect for time. The first three months of my babe’s life I couldn’t put him down without him screaming his cute little face off. This made me much more resourceful with my time and it put my 30 minute blowdry in its grave. I’ve done some gathering of tips and tricks to get myself out of the door in a flash without looking like a zombie that had a rough night. These tricks are worth a try for anyone in a rush in the morning.

Make a playlist (my favorite idea). Make a playlist to play on your phone that is the length of time that you have to get ready every morning. This nifty idea is extremely helpful if you use the same order for your routine every morning. You will get use to what song you need to have gotten out of the shower by. Then you will have a song that will signify that it is time to be done with your hair and move onto makeup. This will help you keep going without having to stop and check the time all morning.

Get volume and waves in almost no preparation time. After your shower at night, tie your hair loosely on top of your head in a softly twisted bun. Let it dry overnight and then hit it with the blow-dryer in thfashion-velvet-elastic-scrunchie-donut-grip-hair-loop-ponytail-holder-stretchye morning before you take it down. This will add a ton of extra bounce and shine. Just let your hair down and break up the waves. You can use a flat iron right on your part if you have any creases from the hair band. Tip: Use an old school scrunchie to hold the bun in place. The cloth will leave much less creasing than a tight elastic hair band.






Tuck and cover. Two days of polished looks with almost no effort at all. Use the tuck and cover wrapping method with a headband to get an easy quick look on day one and sexy flowing waves for day two. https://goo.gl/images/efMufx

DRY SHAMPOO. No really, use it. Almost everyone has heard of dry shampoo by now. But as a stylist, I know that far only a fraction of people are actually using it. This is a miracle in a can. It will help day one look bouncy and voluminous. It will help day two look (and smell) beautiful. And if you’re one of the girls with hair thick enough to get a day three, I hate you. But seriously, dry shampoo will definitely help you get an extra day on top of whatever you’re doing now without it.

So there you have a few things to try that may help you fit breakfast into your crazy morning. Or it may just let you hit that snooze button a few more times this week.


Easy things you should be doing with your hair right now!

Easy things you should be doing with your hair right now!

Who wouldn’t like to make life simpler (and look great while doing it)? This week we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to help you tame issues and create cute hairstyles with minimal effort.

Wash your bangs or just the front of your hair. You will be amazed how you can have some of your best hair days like this. Pull your hair back except for the front section and wash the front section in your sink. It will take minimal effort to wash and less than a quarter of the time to dry. Many of us touch the front of our hair and make it greasier than the rest. You will be amazed at having some of your best hair days this way!
Curl a ponytail for soft loose waves. If you have long enough hair, pull your hair into the highest ponytail possible (I’m talking a ponytail at the top center of your head like you are two years old again). Then, depending on the thickness of your hair, use your curling iron to make 3 to 5 curls with the hair in the ponytail. When you release the ponytail you will have long, sexy, flowing waves at the ends of your hair. You’re welcome!
Clean your brushes. Sounds simple, right? Well, even the hairdressers let our brushes at home get out of hand sometimes. Cleaning all of the excess hair out of your brushes will reduce your drying time by up to half! When you have extra hair in your brush, it gets wet right along with your wet hair. Then, your blow dryer is working over time to dry the hair on your head and the left over hair in your brush. To wash your brushes, pull out all of the excess hair and make some soapy water was shampoo in your sink and soak the brushes for about 10 minutes. Then rinse and dry. It will save you a lot of time in the long run. I promise.

Try these simple steps to make your life (and your hair) a lot easier!

Happy and Healthy Summer Hair

Make your hair healthy and happy this summer with a few tips from the beauty professionals. The summer is the perfect time to let go of the hair perfectionist inside of you. Not letting your hair do some of it’s natural things in a warm, humid environment is like fighting a losing battle. Here are a few all natural things you can do to work with nature instead of working against it.

1. Cover it up! This could seem like the most obvious solution to protect your hair, but it is the most often overlooked tactic. A scarf or a hat can be your hair is best friend through the entire summer. This can help protect your color from the relentless rays of sun. It also helps to keep moisture in your hair. It can also keep your hair in place to avoid wind damage. And on that note…
2. Pin it up. The silent killer of all split end damage is the wind. I cannot tell you how many clients have come back to me after vacations in the tropics thinking that the sun has split their ends. I have seen damage from winds that is far greater than any bleach job. So tie that hair up when you’re on the beach, playing tennis, or on the back of your Harley this season. Your hair will thank you (and so will your stylist).
3. Try to wash your hair a bit less. When it is hot, we have a tendency to wash more. If you wash your hair more often, you are stripping your scalp of natural oils. This makes your oil glands react by creating even more oil. So, washing more often in the summer can actually counterproductive. Try using a a dry shampoo to get that extra day. Experiment with just rinsing well after a day at the pool or beach. You can use a salt spray after your rinse to get some texture and the salt will help fight some of the oil.
4. Switch to a WetBrush (if you haven’t already). Let’s be honest, this is good advice no matter which season it is. ALWAYS comb your hair out with a wet brush when your hair is wet. It is the most gentle route to take. You’re hair has a ton more elasticity (it stretches much more) when it is wet. Even if you don’t feel it, your hair is most susceptible to breakage while wet. Be nice to your hair when it is at its most sensitive state.

These are easy things that will make a enormous difference in the long run. Have a great summer with healthy hair. It will all be worth it this fall when you have the shiniest, healthiest hair around!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Hair Appointment

You call, you book a stylist, and you show up for your hair appointment and everything should be perfect, right? Well, from a hairdresser to a client, there are a few things out of your stylist control that you can do to enhance your experience and get closer to the perfect hairstyle. Here are a few tips.

Book your appointment with plenty of time.  Although sometimes unavoidable, try not to squeeze a hair appointment into the middle of a crazy day. Great hair takes time to achieve.  This is especially true if you’re having a transformation service or a color service to make your hair lighter.  Not all hair lightens at the same rate and not all hair will lighten to the same tone.  Your stylist will use a gloss, and sometimes more than one gloss.  If you are looking for a huge change, your stylist may have to use several steps to achieve your ultimate goal.

Wash your hair. Color will permeate better and more quickly if your hair has been clarified.  It is harder for color to make it through layers of products and natural oils that are in your hair if you haven’t washed for a day or two. This can help avoid the stubborn grays that will not take color, or the blondes that always feel a little brassy.  Everyone should have a clarifying shampoo at home that they use at least once a month (We recommend KMS color safe clarifying shampoo). It is just as important as a monthly conditioning treatment.

Be honest about what you’re willing to do for maintenance and styling.  If you are only going to come back every six months, then stay so! We want to give you a look that will grow out gracefully.  It doesn’t help us, or you to have a style that will look amazing for one month, and terrible for the remaining five months until we see you again . If you let us know that you’re going to come back every four weeks, we will know that we can do something that will look fresh with monthly maintenance.  Also, be honest about your daily styling routine.  Some looks are great for a wash and go, while others can look terrifying without at least 15 minutes of blow drying a day.  We want to tailor your service to what you can maintain at home.  Our goal is for you to feel great about your hair on a daily basis (not just when you leave the salon).

Bring pictures.  Communicating visually is ALWAYS best with your stylist.  Try to bring multiple pictures of things you would like your hair to look like.  Don’t be afraid to bring pictures that you like some elements of, but not others.  When you explain what you like and do not like, you help your stylist even more!  Little things can be lost in translation.  Your idea of what chunky highlights, textured hair, or a short bob should look like is probably completely different in another person’s mind.

Be open to recommendations for your hair type or face shape.  Your hairdresser is elated that you brought pictures in and gave them a look to emulate.  Sometimes the look that you are going for may not be achievable with your particular hair type or color.  Also, a good hairdresser will suggest things that are flattering for your hair texture and face shape.  Try to be open to recommendations.  Your stylist is in this for your best interest!

Speak up if you have questions or concerns throughout your appointment.  There is usually a method to your stylist madness, but there is no harm in checking in or mentioning what it is that you’re looking for throughout your appointment.  This can alleviate miss communication, and I can promise that your hairdresser will appreciate it.

Let the stylist finish the look.  I can’t tell you how many times that a client wants to run out of the door with wet hair.  This goes back to our first suggestion to book your appointment with ample time to finish your style.  A colorist wants to see the end result to see if there is any tweaking needed.  Furthermore, most haircuts require some dry texturizing and perfecting of the baseline (The bottom of the haircut).  This is all impossible if you leave with wet hair.

Rebook your appointment!  Rebooking your appointment insures that you will get the stylist that you want, at the time that is most convenient for you.  Your salon would prefer that you make an appointment, even if you may have to reschedule it.  If you are one of the clients that only likes to come every few months, or even every six months, make that appointment!  Even if the date and time doesn’t work for you, when you get the confirmation call, it is like a little reminder that it is time to get back in the salon and you can reschedule for a different time!


-Cortney Bliss

Stylist at Scizzors Salon

How to Pull Off the Blue Eyeshadow Trend of 2016

spring-2016-blue-eyemakeupHello, blue eye shadow: Welcome back!
Cobalt-colored eye makeup has never been so prevalent on the runways since, well, ever. But designers across the globe rolled out the welcome wagon for the daring shade during the spring 2016 runway season. There were indigo smoky eyes, many a teal cat eye, and there were even some sapphire eyebrows to be found.
Admittedly, seeing so much blue makeup all at once is a little overwhelming, but don’t be too intimidated by this edgy eye makeup trend just yet. You can absolutely try all of these at home.
Most women are still scared to experiment with the shade that brings on traumatic memories of icy blue eyeshadows of the 70s and 80s. But unlike the horror of that era, the blues right now are modern, fresh and easy to wear. For those who need baby steps, “an easy way of incorporating the color blue into your makeup is by adding a touch of the hue to the lower lash line. Use your regular shadows for the top of your lids, but add the surprising shot of color to the bottom of your eyes for a fresh, updated look,” says makeup artist Irene Kim.
If you are daring, try the disco mermaid look like at the Diane von Furstenberg runway show. Use the lighter colors as an all-over color across your lid or use it to highlight the inner corners of your top and bottom lid. Add the darker colors to the bottom lid from the outer corner to the middle of the eye, blending well with the lighter colors to create a beautiful eye-opening effect. Add mascara on the top and bottom lashes for more definition.
For a striking, glamorous twist, substitute blue for a modern twist on the smoky eye. Start off with a black (or dark grey) base, then layer a blue color on top to add some fun and depth. Or, dab on a variation of blues for a more daring and brighter look.

Good luck, and HAVE FUN with this punchy hue. That is the name of the game this season!

References: http://www.thefashionspot.com/beauty/653689-how-to-wear-blue-eyeshadow-and-blue-eyeliner/#/slide/1; https://www.elizabetharden.com/Tools-Tips/expert-articles/tools-tips-article-makeup-tips,default,pg.html; http://www.eonline.com/news/707440/24-ways-blue-eye-shadow-was-worn-on-the-spring-2016-runways

How Does a Heat Protectant Work?

Heat protectants are products that, at least, contain some type of cyclomethicone and dimethicome. Most leave in conditioners, treatment sprays, straightening serums, blowout foams, and setting lotions use a combination of these two silicones with other essential ingredients to create what is known as a heat protectant.

Cyclomethicone. It is a clear silicone that has a silky smooth feel when deposited into the hair. It evaporates quickly after helping to transfer oil and nutrients into the hair shaft.

Dimethicome. It is used in conditioners and detangling products to help move hair and make it easier to come through. It can also make your hair appear shiny or after styling.

Silicones are man-made compounds that work by covering the hair with a thin, waterproof, heat resistant coating.

Even if your strands are seemingly healthy, your styling go to tools – flat irons, curling iron, and dryers – can zap it of moisture in minutes and make your hair appear busy, dull, and damaged.

At Scizzors we offer a plethora of heat protectant with multiple other benefits. Ask your favorite stylist which one they recommend for you. But for goodness sake, use this must have product!

Try the Smokey Eye

Valentine’s Day makeup to try this year


Try the smokey eye for Valentine’s Day this year! I was doing a lot of research on what men find appealing when it comes to women’s makeup techniques and two things kept popping up over and over again. Men love soft, natural looking, kissable lips. The next was a huge shocker for me. Men seem to really get lost in the smokey eyes of his partner.
Want to master the art of the sexy smolder? I have your tried and true steps right here!

1. First, apply a dark shade of eye shadow to your entire lid, close to the lash line. Softly blend the shadow upward to the crease.
2. Add a lighter shade of shadow under the eyebrow until it meets the darker shade below. Blend the two shades of eye shadow together.
3. Line the inside of the bottom rim of eyes with a pencil, and slightly smudge. Smudging and blending does all the work in this makeup technique.
4. Use a thick, black pencil, often called kohl, and line the top eyelids to complete the smokey eye look. Finish with your favorite dark mascara.
TIP* Don’t start with extremely dark colors. Start with neutral shades, so you enhance the eye without overpowering it.

And there you have it. You now have the simple steps to keep you right on track with your sexy Valentine’s Day eyes. If you are interested in seeing how a professional would apply makeup to your face, we offer makeup classes here at Scizzors Salon and we would love to have you in!

Product Spotlight KMS Hot Flex Creme

I would love to introduce you to one of our best sellers at Scizzors, Hot Flex Creme by KMS California. It is also a favorite of many of the stylist here to use in almost in every blow out.

Hot Flex Creme is for heat activated smoothing and shaping. You apply it to towel dried hair. Comb through and blow dry. Then use hot tools to create the style.

Hot Flex Creme offers heat protection, smoothing, tons of shine, and just a bit of hold. Give it a try today!