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OBSESSION: Lip gloss vs Lipstick

A good battle was put on by the Lip gloss… but at the end the lipstick won. But wait. Is the battle over?

Manufacturers bring to us many shades of lipstick with every season. Dark for this season. Bright for that season. Stain less or stain full? We look at them. We fall in love with them. We purchase them. Rinse and repeat. How many lipsticks can one own? No one knows! It’s a mystery! But perfect pricing and placement keeps us purchasing more. So why is it that lipsticks are sooo recession proof?

Lip glosses, on the other hand, are the hippie children on lipstick. Lighter and less serious. Flashy and sticky. One has to love them for what they are. They are sported mostly by younger women. You can guess that  mom or dad would want to save their child from growing up too fast and give in to purchasing lip gloss vs lipstick. After all we all know how fast kids grow. There’s no need to speed up that part.

If we can come to a conclusion here. It could be that for bonding purposes or feeling young once in a while (or in daily basis 🙂 lip glosses are a great way to get you there. Less formal with a side or natural. Lipsticks are the long time favorites that keep you looking your best with fewer applications. And as long as manufacturers keep intriguing us… we’ll keep changing them with the season.

Ps: What’s good for you is what you think looks best on you. Sometimes it feels good to do you 😉

You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think
As a stylist at a beauty salon, I have every type of man and woman sit in the chair and talk to me about how they think they look. I ask questions about what is working with their hair, and what is not. I get feedback on previous haircuts from existing clients and I get fresh information about new clients.

I talk to people all day long about how they think they look and I have come to realize that there is a sort of self-hate epidemic going on. I hear women with flawless skin say that they want to hide behind some bangs because of an “11 mark” on their forehead. People want to change their part because of which side of their face is higher or tighter. Many women request to bring their haircut up because long hair is accentuating their sunken in cheekbones from aging. Another common occurrence is women avoiding shorter lengths because they think their nose is too big. I, myself, wear my bangs over one particular eye because the skin hangs very heavily over my eye more on that side. I listen to women beat themselves up all day long and it is amazing to me how difficult it is to convince a woman she is beautiful.

I’m not sure where we have learned this behavior. Most women that I know are even terrible about accepting compliments about their appearance. I have blogged before about the ridiculous beauty standards that Photoshop and filters have created. We are also raised to be humble and we are taught not to articulate that we believe ourselves to be attractive as to not come off as conceited.

No matter where this terrible trend originated, it needs to stop. When a client is being especially hard on themselves, I always reference this touching video that Dove put together that highlights the gap between our own perception of our appearance, and a perfect stranger’s perception of how we look. The video is called, “You’re More Beautiful Than You Think.” I just wanted to remind all of our clients, and our readers, that you are incredibly beautiful. Please watch the video. https://youtu.be/XpaOjMXyJGk

Our Artist Ana

Our Artist Ana

Ana is one of our newest stylists to hit the floor here at Scizzors. She was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts and we are happy to have some home grown skills. The Rob Roy graduate is a ridiculously talented colorist and we are feeling very lucky to have her on our staff. She barely stands five feet tall, but packs some serious skills.

Ana was born to two artists. It literally runs in her blood. After seeing her natural aptitude, her father pushed her to draw at a very young age. One of her earliest memories is that one of her drawings in preschool was actually framed and hung in the hallway as actual art. She loves to draw and use acrylic paint. She has sold a few pieces of her work.

But even more exciting than that, some of Ana’s best work is permanent. Very permanent. She has done some designing for people’s tattoos. She knows a handful of people that have her artwork decorating their bodies for the rest of their lives. Ana particularly likes doing women’s faces. She loves conveying the emotion and life experience in their eyes.

So, if you’re thinking of getting some balayage (hand painted highlights) consider having and actual painter do it. Ana is exceptional at hand painted dimension and color blending. She loves doing high fashion colors as well. Call us and book some color with our new gem today!

The Demanding Beauty Culture

The Demanding Beauty Culture


I sat down to write this blog about hair photos on Pinterest that create unreasonable expectations for clients.  They are colors that have AT LEAST taken a complete work day, sometimes even weeks to achieve.  The look is always extremely heat styled and the color is filtered to death before a client sits in the salon chair for an hour and a half appointment and begs us for the same result that we are gazing at on their iPhone.  They’re hoping we can give them some tip on how to get this look without using professional color safe shampoo, conditioner, and products that have clearly been used on the hair in the picture, and hopefully without having to style it (preferably wash and go).


These expectations are not even close to reasonable.  If this client sounds like you, I am here to tell you that it is not your fault.  Media, advertising, and social media have put beauty standards in general in a very scary place.  I was reading an article by Jennifer Weiner in the New York Times that really put things into perspective for me (“The Pressure to Look Good” May 30, 2015).  While explaining herself caving into the pressure of using botox, she wrote, “And so, because I had a television appearance coming up, and I have always been susceptible to peer pressure, off I went, to add “injectable toxin” to my list of pre-TV-show prep, a list that already includes “get hair cut and colored,” “have eyebrows waxed,” “clip in hair extensions,” “glue on false eyelashes” and “squeeze into viselike undergarments and heels so high that I can barely hobble from the green room to the set and back again.”


In the same article, Jennifer explains how cellphones with built in cameras have changed the way society demands that we always be on point and camera ready, “Then along came cellphones with built-in cameras and blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Suddenly, you weren’t just that one tiny picture, you were every picture anyone might happen to want to snap, and to post and pin and share, images that would be tweeted and retweeted, scrutinized and commented upon and invoked to dismiss you as jealous, overweight, bitter, sexually frustrated and, maybe, illogically, also a sexually promiscuous hag. For some critics, a woman’s looks remain the first place they’ll go when they disagree with her opinions.”


Not only are these unrealistic “hair goals” photos filtered to death, so is Facebook.  All of Facebook.  All of media.  Almost nothing online or in print is 100% real now.  It sets beauty expectations so unachievably high that, according to this YouGov article ( https://today.yougov.com/news/2012/07/10/morning-routine-30-spend-over-week-getting-ready-e/ ), people (men and women) waste approximately a week each year getting ready.  If you are a woman, that time frame can increase exponentially.  This article reports that over 38% of women take over a half hour a day primping (not including a shower or brushing their teeth and hair).  According to this CBS News article,  http://www.cbsnews.com/news/women-spend-three-years-primping/ , women spend over three years of their life “primping”.


If the thought of wasting three entire years of your life doesn’t make you gag, let’s translate that into money.  Theblanance.com places the average American salary in 2016 just over $44,000.  This means that if that same time was used for work instead of primping, the average American Woman would have an extra $132,444 in her savings account (I’m thinking that sounds like a huge addition to a solid retirement fund).  This number also doesn’t include the thousands upon thousands that we spend on makeup, hair services, nails, facials, skin care products, botox, and the list could literally just keep on going.


The moral of this story, ladies, is to relax.  Simplify.  Remember that everything you see in print and online is photo shopped and filtered.  We are all beating ourselves up chasing unrealistic goals.

Meet Alex

OBSESSION: Cows and Lipstick

Meet our new stylist Alex



Alexandra Hebert isn’t even old enough to legally have a drink yet, but she knows more about hard work, agriculture, and the circle of life than 90% of the people that will read this blog.  The twenty year old bombshell has grown up on a farm in Holden that has been passed down through their tight nit family since 1898.  She specializes in raising and showing cows.  She is in charge of all of the cows on her farm.


This first thing you will notice about Alex is her lips.  I can guarantee that.  This self-proclaimed tomboy has more than 30 different lipsticks in rotation as we speak.  She is so overrun with lip colors that she hides some from herself so that she can find them later and put them back into rotation.  Since Alex is a matte lipstick connoisseur, I asked her which lipstick line was her favorite.  The answer is Kylie!  Kylie Jenner has a pouty matte lipstick line that Alex says stays on forever and doesn’t dry her lips out like many other brands.  Alex may be partial to the line.  After a little investigating, I discovered that doing a Kardashian or Jenner’s hair has been a dream of hers since she was young.


The first thing we noticed about Alex as a coworker is her drive to work hard.  She is always the first to arrive and the last to leave.  She keeps herself busy, even in the down time.  I asked her where she developed her drive to work, and her answer was a little surprising.  Her grandmother’s work ethic shaped the woman that she is today.  Her grandmother ran the farm by herself until three years ago.  The family actually had to force Grandma into retirement at age 84.  Alex tells me that she still sneaks out every now and then.  Grandma comes in from “getting the mail” with mud all over her boots (there is no mud on the way to the mailbox).  What a woman Grandma must be, because Alex is an exemplary employee.


So now that you know a little bit more about our new stylist Alex, it’s time to give her a try.  She is a cutting specialist on the floor here at Scizzors and she is doing shoulder length or longer haircuts for 20% off through May.

Prom Hair 2016

Long, Soft, Textured Prom Styles for 2016

Moms and stylist alike can rejoice! 2016 prom hair is all about wearing it DOWN with long soft waves. This means you won’t have a crying daughter pulling her expensive updo down an hour before her date arrives because she isn’t into looking at an elaborate hairstyle on her head! Yay! It’s soft, it’s bohemian, it’s beautiful, and it’s age appropriate (try not to stare at her midriff in that expensive gown and cringe, mom).

Some styles are completely down. This looks great with dresses that expose most or all of the shoulder. This works well for medium length to long hair.

promdownsoft promhair promsoftdown promshort promdown

And VERY popular is the bohemian half up look. This works very well for all lengths of hair (even those bobs)! The trick is to keep the front soft and not pulled tightly to the scalp. Texture will make or break this look. Stick straight is just not in this season.


halfupvolume halfupshort halfupbraid


Enchant Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Short Hair For Natural Hair - Dodies

Book your Prom Queen’s appointment today. Spots fill up very early.

Give Your Girl a Valentine’s Do

Give Your Girl a Valentine’s Do

Every holiday you try to be super mom. Beautiful yellow, pink and green Easter baskets hidden just easily enough so that your little one can find it, pintresting creative cupcakes so that your babe thinks that you’re just as cool as Sally’s mom who made her birthday cupcakes with Elmo’s face so perfectly that the kids wanted to cuddle them instead of eat them, the fortune you spend on the perfect Halloween costume after they have changed their mind about one hundred times, after working in the kitchen to make your family an ambrosia salad for Thanksgiving you create your darling a “special” ambrosia salad that they will actually eat that consists of only whip cream and cherries, the late nights you spend meticulously wrapping (and hiding) their holiday presents, the hours you lose agonizing over what to send to their teachers and care providers for the holidays. It all sounds like an exhausting hamster wheel, but the truth is that even though it pushes us to the max and stresses us right out, we really adore doing these things for our babies.

Well, here comes another one. It is time to start getting those Valentine’s Day cards written out and labeled to send to school for your child’s class. And of course, make sure that you buy the ones with the candy attached so that your little one can keep up with everyone else’s Valentine’s cards.

Now I’m here to help make your Valentine’s morning just a little more hectic. Why not try a really pretty Valentine’s inspired heart hairstyle on your little girl this year? I have picked a couple truly simple styles to get you going.


I chose this style because it is just two simple braids.  Twist the base of the braids around themselves (don’t be afraid to use the help of hairspray and bobby pins) and then you tie the two twisted braids together to form your heart.




Here is another really easy one for you.  The key to this style is small sections and to get the very small rubber hair ties.  You can find them at almost any CVS or Walgreens.  Again, don’t be afraid to use some hairspray with this.  Spraying some in before starting and brushing it out can give the hair some great texture to work with.  Ultra soft hair is almost impossible to style.


Good luck ladies, and Happy Valentine’s day!

Country Girl in the City: Meet Stylist Kimberly Ann Aurelio

Country Girl in the City: Meet Stylist Kimberly Ann Aurelio


At first glance, Kim is your quintessential high end hairstylist, but delve a little deeper and you will learn that she may like her hair clean, but she LOVES her pickup trucks dirty. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Kimberly has made the rural yet quaint town of Millbury her home. She has been in the industry for four years and at Scizzors for about two of those years.

Kim is a cutting specialist here at Scizzors. What is Kim’s favorite style to cut and finish? She loves working with long hair and is always itching to cut some blended layers and soft face framing angles into long looks. She adores working with hot tools. She is always curling some bouncy beach waves, or giving her clients a sleek modern feel with her MoroccanOil flat iron (which is the tool she says she absolutely cannot live without).

Kim loves keeping up with her advanced education, in fact, that is one of the main reasons she chose to work in this salon. Scizzors prides itself on sending stylist to take many forms of advanced education multiple times a year. Kim got her start at Toni and Guy Academy in Worcester, Massachusetts. She has continued on to many certificates and advanced classes at the TIGI Academy in New York City.

New York is not the only place Kimberly has traveled to recently. After taking a vacation to Nashville last summer, Kim has decided that it is undoubtedly her favorite place to be. And why wouldn’t it be? She lives for country music, live music halls, and cowboy boots. Fun fact… Kim bought herself her very first pair of cowboy boots as a congratulatory gift to herself the day she finished cosmetology school. She is a definitely a country girl at heart. Kim has been to over 20 country music concerts in her 22 short years on earth and on her days off, you may find her at The Ranch or at a Barbeque festival. We love our country girl!

We Have Kim Kardashian’s Secret to Perfectly Healthy Hair!

1427391130_kim-kardashian-brunette-zoom kim-kardashian-blond-main

The Kardashians, everyone’s favorite family, right? The Kardashian clan has made a business out of being beautiful. They are famous for being famous. But, let’s face it, they wouldn’t be famous if they weren’t led by one of the most beautiful women in the world; Kim Kardashian. She is known for her lush skin tone, shapely body, exotic eyes, and super thick, long, shiny, and healthy hair. No matter how you feel about the family, you have to admit that they all have pretty amazing hair.

Hair has always been important to Kim (and her clan). It was her security blanket through some rough skin patches in her teenage years. It remains an integral part of the Kardashian fame. In fact, when Khloe first changed her hair color to a warm red tone, the network that supported Keeping Up With the Kardashians, E!, forced her to dye her hair back to dark brown within 24 hours in fear that it would ruin the bombshell brunette trifecta that was Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian. The girls have since broken all of the rules and gone almost every color under the sun and boy are we all eating it up.

So now that the trademark brunettes have handed their tresses over to the damage of bleaching to the high heavens, how do they keep their hair so healthy looking? They must use all of the top of the line potions and serums that we normal people simply cannot afford, right? Wrong. Kim Kardashian swears by a treatment that we do right here in our salon for a very reasonable price. OLAPLEX.

Olaplex is a bond multiplier that dramatically eliminates breakage from chemical services and leaves hair feeling amazing. It is an additive that eliminates the bad reaction oxygen has with broken sulfite bonds in chemically treated hair. That means colored hair, lightened hair, permed or even overly ironed hair can feel like new again!

Does anyone remember how Kim bleached her hair almost completely white for Paris fashion week and within days had revived her brown lustrous locks again? She slept in Olaplex #3 (which is an at home version to upkeep the treatment that you get to go home with after the treatment in the salon). She swears by it. And here it is at your fingertips. The best part is that it’s completely affordable. We even have a special price for an Olaplex treatment this January. The entire treatment is $85 this month which is a savings of $24. You can also have an Olaplex haircut for $100. I’m telling you that it is life changing. Give it a whirl this month!

The Foolproof At Home Holiday Updo

The Foolproof At Home Holiday Updo

Every year, we have at least one holiday party to attend. Most of us have a work party, holiday celebration, or even New Year’s Eve bash to attend. This is our moment, our chance to wear that daring shade of matte red lipstick, painstakingly glue ridiculously long fake tresses to our poor eyelashes, and rock some borderline inappropriate heels. We are in our element. It’s time to get glammed up and not feel one ounce of shame about it.

This is the night that we go all out on a beauty bonanza and our hair is absolutely no exception. There is always an attempt to do something that is just a bit more than you’ve ever done to your locks for a day in the office. We break out the curling iron that has been shoved behind the bathroom trash for the last 364 days and armed with hairspray and bobby pins we charge on.

Because I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has spent over an hour trying something new with my hair only to wash out the epic Pinterest fail and resort to my usual blowdry, I’ve been doing some research to help all of us girls find the ultimate fool proof do-it-at-home gorgeous updo. So, don’t be afraid to put your makeup on first ladies. Strap on your heels and yank up those spanks, because it’s time for the foolproof two minute romantic bun.  Have fun, be safe, and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Scizzors.



Two Minute Elegant Bun