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Control Frizzy Hair with these Frizzy Hair Remedies

So the weather is finally cooling down, but that may not mean your frizz is ready to. [Read more…]

Home Hair Dying Tips

Sometimes you want to make a drastic change to your hair, and sometimes that might mean you are looking to dye your hair. [Read more…]

The Right Local Salon for You

There is something very special about a local salon. Customers are attracted to local salons because there is an existing sense of [Read more…]

The Best Eyebrow Shape for You

There is no such thing as a bad face shape and, just as true, there is no such thing as a bad eyebrow shape! [Read more…]

Top 10 Foods that Promote Healthy Hair

You’ve heard the saying before, “You are what you eat.”  But you may not have associated a well-balanced diet and certain foods with healthy hair.  [Read more…]

Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Skin Tone

Makeup is an important part of a lot of women’s lives.  [Read more…]

How to Blow-Dry Your Hair Like a Professional

Don’t you love leaving the salon looking like you could be in an Herbal Essences commercial, because of that wonderful professional blow-dry?  [Read more…]

Why You Should Not Cut Your Own Bangs

Thinking about cutting your own bangs? THINK AGAIN.   [Read more…]

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