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Testimonials from satisfied clients of Scizzors in Shrewsbury, MA

I went to Scizzors for the first time last week and it was honestly an unforgettable experience. Due to a particular circumstance in my life, I wasn’t feeling great about myself when I walked in the door, but thanks to Scizzors’ team (with special thanks to Bledi!) I walked out feeling like the most important client they have. What is so especially wonderful about this place is that I know they do the same thing for everyone. What an amazing gift – to be able to make every client that crosses their threshhold feel SO special. With one visit they’ve won my gratitude and unswerving loyalty. I’ll never go anywhere else again.  – Lauren Reed Christy

Scizzors is THE best salon I’ve ever been to.  The staff are amazingly friendly, funny and professional.  I’ve been going to them for over ten years and have always been really happy with each and every experience there.

When I got married, the stylist at Scizzors opened the salon on a Sunday just for my wife and her maid of honor.  When my mum visited us and was slightly overcharged for a service Scizzors did more then set it right – they sent her a gift card.  Scizzors truly goes above and beyond in their care of their clients and their work is fantastic.  – Richard W.

Today was my first time at Scizzors. The scalp massage felt so nice. And I absolutely adore my new haircut (i don’t think my hair ever looked/smelled/felt this nice) Thank you so much!! I’m definitely coming back!! I also got some great blow drying tips. Can’t wait to try them out on my own.  – Bing Miu

They did a color and cut for me that is out of this world. Dark Auburn with orange peekaboo highlights. I absolutely love it!  -April Frye

Finally found a place I absolutely love. Went in for a quick color and luckily was accommodated to get a cut, color, gloss n blow dry. I went back the next day to get a Brazilian blow out. The complimentary head massage adds to the relaxation. – Hamsatharini Jeganathan

I always love my Scizzors experience, but my most recent color is my favorite EVER. I am so happy with it! Thanks, Kelly! And Bledi did a fantastic cut, as usual. He’s my guy!  – Kathleen Gardner Pietrovito

Thanks for referring me Leah McCarthy. Been going here ever since!   – Danielle Dano Zenus

I have been getting my hair cut by Bledi at Scizzors for almost 5 years.  Scizzors is a beautiful salon in a building right on Route 9 in Shrewsbury.  It is very easy to get to, and it is easy to find.  If you’re facing the building, the door to Scizzors is on the left side of the building- just go through the door with the pair of scissors and walk up the stairs.  The salon is gorgeous, and the receptionists are so nice.  They offer coffee, tea, water, and wine upon arrival.  You’ll get a scalp massage before your haircut, which is always absolutely divine.  I have never been disappointed by a haircut, and I have recommended Scizzors to many people.  Scizzors always has some sort of rewards program and/or promotion going on, so I have gotten products for half price and free.  My oldest daughter gets her hair cut here too- she’s got poofy curly hair, and Bledi works wonders with it.  I would absolutely recommend Scizzors. – Maureen L.

Girls know that when it comes to cutting your budget, there are just places we cannot go. There is no need to do so with Scizzors.

I had been from Newbury Street, to Wellesley and then to the toniest place in Shrewsbury, only to be disappointed in the service, consistency, value and overall dynamics of each salon. Then, I found Scizzors. From my first appointment I noticed something different, something special, something no one else offered. A top rate cut/color for a fair price with a team of stylist committed to working together to service their clients. – Maribeth L.

 9 months later and I am still loving Scizzors!  I’ve seriously never had a bad experience there & everyone I’ve referred loves it just as much! – Colleen E.

I love, love, love my new hair. I never like my hair…ever. Amanda was amazing. She was quick and did an excellent job. The staff is extremely friendly. I’ve been looking for a new hair salon for a while now and this is it! Thank you so much. – Nichole Larracey

I have been getting my hair cut here for the last 12 years. True professionals who really know what they are doing.  – Brian Rodriguez

I have been a client for over 4 years. I always get compliments on my hair and that is just the best thing ever! I’m always happy to refer people to Scizzors. Great people, nice atmosphere with luxe perks like wine and coffee, etc. and reasonable prices.
Check them out!  – Cynthia Wrona

♥ Scizzors!  – Cloud Lynn

Simply put, the most wonderful salon experience ever.  They take your coat, offer you coffee or tea (AND the coffee is really good – double points) and the staff is friendly and professional.

My appointment happened exactly on time, my hairdresser did a fantastic job and you even get a complimentary scalp massage.

Definitely returning! – Veronica F.

I have been driving 20+ miles for over 6 years to get my hair colored and cut at Scizzors. What better way is there to complement a hair salon?
The stylists are absolutely fab, as I have probably had my hair cut by every single one of them. They are also great at making recommendations (for those times you want something different, but can’t figure out what to do).  – Kerry Culm-Merdek

Everybody was super nice since the moment I stepped in the door. Bledi gave me a great cut while I enjoyed a glass of wine. The rest of the team helped apply the color and style. I really liked that even though you could tell they didn’t think the color I requested would look good, they gave me options and still did what I requested. Without attitude. That’s so important! Customer service was great, and I felt pretty when I left. – Rebekah Lavine

You can’t beat the atmosphere, service, and personalities at Scizzors. I got my hair done last night by Heather. She whipped up a custom purple color to add in with my highlights – LOVE IT, chatted about books and found out Bledi knows CrossFit – See ya on the mats for the WOD Bledi! Thanks for a relaxing night and a gorgeous do! You Gals & Guys Rock.  – Amy Foster

I couldn’t be more pleased with this salon. The owner is a very sincere person that has fun with the staff and the guests that come in. Their customers are all smiling when I go and I’m always treated like a rock star when I go in (who wouldn’t love that!?).  – Laura B.

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