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OBSESSION: Lip gloss vs Lipstick

A good battle was put on by the Lip gloss… but at the end the lipstick won. But wait. Is the battle over?

Manufacturers bring to us many shades of lipstick with every season. Dark for this season. Bright for that season. Stain less or stain full? We look at them. We fall in love with them. We purchase them. Rinse and repeat. How many lipsticks can one own? No one knows! It’s a mystery! But perfect pricing and placement keeps us purchasing more. So why is it that lipsticks are sooo recession proof?

Lip glosses, on the other hand, are the hippie children on lipstick. Lighter and less serious. Flashy and sticky. One has to love them for what they are. They are sported mostly by younger women. You can guess that  mom or dad would want to save their child from growing up too fast and give in to purchasing lip gloss vs lipstick. After all we all know how fast kids grow. There’s no need to speed up that part.

If we can come to a conclusion here. It could be that for bonding purposes or feeling young once in a while (or in daily basis 🙂 lip glosses are a great way to get you there. Less formal with a side or natural. Lipsticks are the long time favorites that keep you looking your best with fewer applications. And as long as manufacturers keep intriguing us… we’ll keep changing them with the season.

Ps: What’s good for you is what you think looks best on you. Sometimes it feels good to do you 😉

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