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You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

You Are More Beautiful Than You Think
As a stylist at a beauty salon, I have every type of man and woman sit in the chair and talk to me about how they think they look. I ask questions about what is working with their hair, and what is not. I get feedback on previous haircuts from existing clients and I get fresh information about new clients.

I talk to people all day long about how they think they look and I have come to realize that there is a sort of self-hate epidemic going on. I hear women with flawless skin say that they want to hide behind some bangs because of an “11 mark” on their forehead. People want to change their part because of which side of their face is higher or tighter. Many women request to bring their haircut up because long hair is accentuating their sunken in cheekbones from aging. Another common occurrence is women avoiding shorter lengths because they think their nose is too big. I, myself, wear my bangs over one particular eye because the skin hangs very heavily over my eye more on that side. I listen to women beat themselves up all day long and it is amazing to me how difficult it is to convince a woman she is beautiful.

I’m not sure where we have learned this behavior. Most women that I know are even terrible about accepting compliments about their appearance. I have blogged before about the ridiculous beauty standards that Photoshop and filters have created. We are also raised to be humble and we are taught not to articulate that we believe ourselves to be attractive as to not come off as conceited.

No matter where this terrible trend originated, it needs to stop. When a client is being especially hard on themselves, I always reference this touching video that Dove put together that highlights the gap between our own perception of our appearance, and a perfect stranger’s perception of how we look. The video is called, “You’re More Beautiful Than You Think.” I just wanted to remind all of our clients, and our readers, that you are incredibly beautiful. Please watch the video. https://youtu.be/XpaOjMXyJGk

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