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Meet Alex

OBSESSION: Cows and Lipstick

Meet our new stylist Alex



Alexandra Hebert isn’t even old enough to legally have a drink yet, but she knows more about hard work, agriculture, and the circle of life than 90% of the people that will read this blog.  The twenty year old bombshell has grown up on a farm in Holden that has been passed down through their tight nit family since 1898.  She specializes in raising and showing cows.  She is in charge of all of the cows on her farm.


This first thing you will notice about Alex is her lips.  I can guarantee that.  This self-proclaimed tomboy has more than 30 different lipsticks in rotation as we speak.  She is so overrun with lip colors that she hides some from herself so that she can find them later and put them back into rotation.  Since Alex is a matte lipstick connoisseur, I asked her which lipstick line was her favorite.  The answer is Kylie!  Kylie Jenner has a pouty matte lipstick line that Alex says stays on forever and doesn’t dry her lips out like many other brands.  Alex may be partial to the line.  After a little investigating, I discovered that doing a Kardashian or Jenner’s hair has been a dream of hers since she was young.


The first thing we noticed about Alex as a coworker is her drive to work hard.  She is always the first to arrive and the last to leave.  She keeps herself busy, even in the down time.  I asked her where she developed her drive to work, and her answer was a little surprising.  Her grandmother’s work ethic shaped the woman that she is today.  Her grandmother ran the farm by herself until three years ago.  The family actually had to force Grandma into retirement at age 84.  Alex tells me that she still sneaks out every now and then.  Grandma comes in from “getting the mail” with mud all over her boots (there is no mud on the way to the mailbox).  What a woman Grandma must be, because Alex is an exemplary employee.


So now that you know a little bit more about our new stylist Alex, it’s time to give her a try.  She is a cutting specialist on the floor here at Scizzors and she is doing shoulder length or longer haircuts for 20% off through May.

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