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Prom Hair 2016

Long, Soft, Textured Prom Styles for 2016

Moms and stylist alike can rejoice! 2016 prom hair is all about wearing it DOWN with long soft waves. This means you won’t have a crying daughter pulling her expensive updo down an hour before her date arrives because she isn’t into looking at an elaborate hairstyle on her head! Yay! It’s soft, it’s bohemian, it’s beautiful, and it’s age appropriate (try not to stare at her midriff in that expensive gown and cringe, mom).

Some styles are completely down. This looks great with dresses that expose most or all of the shoulder. This works well for medium length to long hair.

promdownsoft promhair promsoftdown promshort promdown

And VERY popular is the bohemian half up look. This works very well for all lengths of hair (even those bobs)! The trick is to keep the front soft and not pulled tightly to the scalp. Texture will make or break this look. Stick straight is just not in this season.


halfupvolume halfupshort halfupbraid


Enchant Wedding Hairstyles Half Up Short Hair For Natural Hair - Dodies

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