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Give Your Girl a Valentine’s Do

Give Your Girl a Valentine’s Do

Every holiday you try to be super mom. Beautiful yellow, pink and green Easter baskets hidden just easily enough so that your little one can find it, pintresting creative cupcakes so that your babe thinks that you’re just as cool as Sally’s mom who made her birthday cupcakes with Elmo’s face so perfectly that the kids wanted to cuddle them instead of eat them, the fortune you spend on the perfect Halloween costume after they have changed their mind about one hundred times, after working in the kitchen to make your family an ambrosia salad for Thanksgiving you create your darling a “special” ambrosia salad that they will actually eat that consists of only whip cream and cherries, the late nights you spend meticulously wrapping (and hiding) their holiday presents, the hours you lose agonizing over what to send to their teachers and care providers for the holidays. It all sounds like an exhausting hamster wheel, but the truth is that even though it pushes us to the max and stresses us right out, we really adore doing these things for our babies.

Well, here comes another one. It is time to start getting those Valentine’s Day cards written out and labeled to send to school for your child’s class. And of course, make sure that you buy the ones with the candy attached so that your little one can keep up with everyone else’s Valentine’s cards.

Now I’m here to help make your Valentine’s morning just a little more hectic. Why not try a really pretty Valentine’s inspired heart hairstyle on your little girl this year? I have picked a couple truly simple styles to get you going.


I chose this style because it is just two simple braids.  Twist the base of the braids around themselves (don’t be afraid to use the help of hairspray and bobby pins) and then you tie the two twisted braids together to form your heart.




Here is another really easy one for you.  The key to this style is small sections and to get the very small rubber hair ties.  You can find them at almost any CVS or Walgreens.  Again, don’t be afraid to use some hairspray with this.  Spraying some in before starting and brushing it out can give the hair some great texture to work with.  Ultra soft hair is almost impossible to style.


Good luck ladies, and Happy Valentine’s day!

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