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Hair Hacks

Hair Hacks: Get You Out Of Your Door So Much Quicker




As a first time mother, I have a newfound respect for time. The first three months of my babe’s life I couldn’t put him down without him screaming his cute little face off. This made me much more resourceful with my time and it put my 30 minute blowdry in its grave. I’ve done some gathering of tips and tricks to get myself out of the door in a flash without looking like a zombie that had a rough night. These tricks are worth a try for anyone in a rush in the morning.

Make a playlist (my favorite idea). Make a playlist to play on your phone that is the length of time that you have to get ready every morning. This nifty idea is extremely helpful if you use the same order for your routine every morning. You will get use to what song you need to have gotten out of the shower by. Then you will have a song that will signify that it is time to be done with your hair and move onto makeup. This will help you keep going without having to stop and check the time all morning.

Get volume and waves in almost no preparation time. After your shower at night, tie your hair loosely on top of your head in a softly twisted bun. Let it dry overnight and then hit it with the blow-dryer in thfashion-velvet-elastic-scrunchie-donut-grip-hair-loop-ponytail-holder-stretchye morning before you take it down. This will add a ton of extra bounce and shine. Just let your hair down and break up the waves. You can use a flat iron right on your part if you have any creases from the hair band. Tip: Use an old school scrunchie to hold the bun in place. The cloth will leave much less creasing than a tight elastic hair band.






Tuck and cover. Two days of polished looks with almost no effort at all. Use the tuck and cover wrapping method with a headband to get an easy quick look on day one and sexy flowing waves for day two. https://goo.gl/images/efMufx

DRY SHAMPOO. No really, use it. Almost everyone has heard of dry shampoo by now. But as a stylist, I know that far only a fraction of people are actually using it. This is a miracle in a can. It will help day one look bouncy and voluminous. It will help day two look (and smell) beautiful. And if you’re one of the girls with hair thick enough to get a day three, I hate you. But seriously, dry shampoo will definitely help you get an extra day on top of whatever you’re doing now without it.

So there you have a few things to try that may help you fit breakfast into your crazy morning. Or it may just let you hit that snooze button a few more times this week.


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