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Happy and Healthy Summer Hair

Make your hair healthy and happy this summer with a few tips from the beauty professionals. The summer is the perfect time to let go of the hair perfectionist inside of you. Not letting your hair do some of it’s natural things in a warm, humid environment is like fighting a losing battle. Here are a few all natural things you can do to work with nature instead of working against it.

1. Cover it up! This could seem like the most obvious solution to protect your hair, but it is the most often overlooked tactic. A scarf or a hat can be your hair is best friend through the entire summer. This can help protect your color from the relentless rays of sun. It also helps to keep moisture in your hair. It can also keep your hair in place to avoid wind damage. And on that note…
2. Pin it up. The silent killer of all split end damage is the wind. I cannot tell you how many clients have come back to me after vacations in the tropics thinking that the sun has split their ends. I have seen damage from winds that is far greater than any bleach job. So tie that hair up when you’re on the beach, playing tennis, or on the back of your Harley this season. Your hair will thank you (and so will your stylist).
3. Try to wash your hair a bit less. When it is hot, we have a tendency to wash more. If you wash your hair more often, you are stripping your scalp of natural oils. This makes your oil glands react by creating even more oil. So, washing more often in the summer can actually counterproductive. Try using a a dry shampoo to get that extra day. Experiment with just rinsing well after a day at the pool or beach. You can use a salt spray after your rinse to get some texture and the salt will help fight some of the oil.
4. Switch to a WetBrush (if you haven’t already). Let’s be honest, this is good advice no matter which season it is. ALWAYS comb your hair out with a wet brush when your hair is wet. It is the most gentle route to take. You’re hair has a ton more elasticity (it stretches much more) when it is wet. Even if you don’t feel it, your hair is most susceptible to breakage while wet. Be nice to your hair when it is at its most sensitive state.

These are easy things that will make a enormous difference in the long run. Have a great summer with healthy hair. It will all be worth it this fall when you have the shiniest, healthiest hair around!

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