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How to Get the Most Out of Your Hair Appointment

You call, you book a stylist, and you show up for your hair appointment and everything should be perfect, right? Well, from a hairdresser to a client, there are a few things out of your stylist control that you can do to enhance your experience and get closer to the perfect hairstyle. Here are a few tips.

Book your appointment with plenty of time.  Although sometimes unavoidable, try not to squeeze a hair appointment into the middle of a crazy day. Great hair takes time to achieve.  This is especially true if you’re having a transformation service or a color service to make your hair lighter.  Not all hair lightens at the same rate and not all hair will lighten to the same tone.  Your stylist will use a gloss, and sometimes more than one gloss.  If you are looking for a huge change, your stylist may have to use several steps to achieve your ultimate goal.

Wash your hair. Color will permeate better and more quickly if your hair has been clarified.  It is harder for color to make it through layers of products and natural oils that are in your hair if you haven’t washed for a day or two. This can help avoid the stubborn grays that will not take color, or the blondes that always feel a little brassy.  Everyone should have a clarifying shampoo at home that they use at least once a month (We recommend KMS color safe clarifying shampoo). It is just as important as a monthly conditioning treatment.

Be honest about what you’re willing to do for maintenance and styling.  If you are only going to come back every six months, then stay so! We want to give you a look that will grow out gracefully.  It doesn’t help us, or you to have a style that will look amazing for one month, and terrible for the remaining five months until we see you again . If you let us know that you’re going to come back every four weeks, we will know that we can do something that will look fresh with monthly maintenance.  Also, be honest about your daily styling routine.  Some looks are great for a wash and go, while others can look terrifying without at least 15 minutes of blow drying a day.  We want to tailor your service to what you can maintain at home.  Our goal is for you to feel great about your hair on a daily basis (not just when you leave the salon).

Bring pictures.  Communicating visually is ALWAYS best with your stylist.  Try to bring multiple pictures of things you would like your hair to look like.  Don’t be afraid to bring pictures that you like some elements of, but not others.  When you explain what you like and do not like, you help your stylist even more!  Little things can be lost in translation.  Your idea of what chunky highlights, textured hair, or a short bob should look like is probably completely different in another person’s mind.

Be open to recommendations for your hair type or face shape.  Your hairdresser is elated that you brought pictures in and gave them a look to emulate.  Sometimes the look that you are going for may not be achievable with your particular hair type or color.  Also, a good hairdresser will suggest things that are flattering for your hair texture and face shape.  Try to be open to recommendations.  Your stylist is in this for your best interest!

Speak up if you have questions or concerns throughout your appointment.  There is usually a method to your stylist madness, but there is no harm in checking in or mentioning what it is that you’re looking for throughout your appointment.  This can alleviate miss communication, and I can promise that your hairdresser will appreciate it.

Let the stylist finish the look.  I can’t tell you how many times that a client wants to run out of the door with wet hair.  This goes back to our first suggestion to book your appointment with ample time to finish your style.  A colorist wants to see the end result to see if there is any tweaking needed.  Furthermore, most haircuts require some dry texturizing and perfecting of the baseline (The bottom of the haircut).  This is all impossible if you leave with wet hair.

Rebook your appointment!  Rebooking your appointment insures that you will get the stylist that you want, at the time that is most convenient for you.  Your salon would prefer that you make an appointment, even if you may have to reschedule it.  If you are one of the clients that only likes to come every few months, or even every six months, make that appointment!  Even if the date and time doesn’t work for you, when you get the confirmation call, it is like a little reminder that it is time to get back in the salon and you can reschedule for a different time!


-Cortney Bliss

Stylist at Scizzors Salon

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