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How Does a Heat Protectant Work?

Heat protectants are products that, at least, contain some type of cyclomethicone and dimethicome. Most leave in conditioners, treatment sprays, straightening serums, blowout foams, and setting lotions use a combination of these two silicones with other essential ingredients to create what is known as a heat protectant.

Cyclomethicone. It is a clear silicone that has a silky smooth feel when deposited into the hair. It evaporates quickly after helping to transfer oil and nutrients into the hair shaft.

Dimethicome. It is used in conditioners and detangling products to help move hair and make it easier to come through. It can also make your hair appear shiny or after styling.

Silicones are man-made compounds that work by covering the hair with a thin, waterproof, heat resistant coating.

Even if your strands are seemingly healthy, your styling go to tools – flat irons, curling iron, and dryers – can zap it of moisture in minutes and make your hair appear busy, dull, and damaged.

At Scizzors we offer a plethora of heat protectant with multiple other benefits. Ask your favorite stylist which one they recommend for you. But for goodness sake, use this must have product!

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