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Try the Smokey Eye

Valentine’s Day makeup to try this year


Try the smokey eye for Valentine’s Day this year! I was doing a lot of research on what men find appealing when it comes to women’s makeup techniques and two things kept popping up over and over again. Men love soft, natural looking, kissable lips. The next was a huge shocker for me. Men seem to really get lost in the smokey eyes of his partner.
Want to master the art of the sexy smolder? I have your tried and true steps right here!

1. First, apply a dark shade of eye shadow to your entire lid, close to the lash line. Softly blend the shadow upward to the crease.
2. Add a lighter shade of shadow under the eyebrow until it meets the darker shade below. Blend the two shades of eye shadow together.
3. Line the inside of the bottom rim of eyes with a pencil, and slightly smudge. Smudging and blending does all the work in this makeup technique.
4. Use a thick, black pencil, often called kohl, and line the top eyelids to complete the smokey eye look. Finish with your favorite dark mascara.
TIP* Don’t start with extremely dark colors. Start with neutral shades, so you enhance the eye without overpowering it.

And there you have it. You now have the simple steps to keep you right on track with your sexy Valentine’s Day eyes. If you are interested in seeing how a professional would apply makeup to your face, we offer makeup classes here at Scizzors Salon and we would love to have you in!

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