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How to Fix Tangled Hair

If you have long or thick hair, you are probably all too familiar with the rat’s nest that can sometimes build up in your hair overnight that becomes painful to brush out.

How to Fix Tangled Hair, Scizzors, Shrewsbury, MAHave you ever noticed that your hair gets more tangled in the wintertime? That’s because dry hair tangles more easily. And not only is there less humidity in the air during the winter, but your heat source at home is probably contributing to the drying out of your hair as well. Since you probably don’t want to switch off the heat for the winter, there are a few steps that you can take to help stop your hair from getting tangled.

Shower Routine

Before stepping into the shower, make sure to brush out any tangles while the hair is still dry. It will be easier to get the big knots out while the hair is still dry.

Conditioning your hair is probably the most important step. In the winter months especially, you’ll probably want to start using a leave-in conditioner, along with your regular shampoo/conditioner combo. Remember to only condition the ends of your hair, not your scalp, to help prevent oily hair.

After your shower, take a wide tooth comb through the conditioned hair to smooth out any remaining tangles. Combs work better than brushes at getting all pieces of hair untangled. When drying your hair, pat it dry with a towel. Never rub, as this encourages more tangles and creates frizz.

If you can, wash your hair every other day (or less, if possible!), since shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils and dries it out.


Don’t sleep with your hair in a ponytail. This may seem counterintuitive, but the ponytail will actually cause more breakage in your hair, which will in turn encourage more tangles. If you have long hair and find it getting knotted at night, consider pulling it back with a scrunchie, which is less damaging to the hair. Or, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or invest in silk pillowcase that will be less harsh on your hair while you’re sleeping.


Make sure to get your hair trimmed regularly to avoid split ends, which are a hazard when it comes to trying to keep hair tangle-free.

If you’re still struggling with tangled hair, it may be time to visit your hair stylist for a deep condition. We at Scizzors are familiar with every hair type and the best techniques, so contact us today!

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