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How to do Victory Rolls

There’s no denying that pinup hairstyles from the 40s and 50s are currently making a comeback. Scizzors, Shrewsbury, MA, How to do Victory Rolls, These vintage hairstyles are great for playing dress up or attending formal events, and are especially popular among the artsy crowd.

This tutorial on victory rolls will help you achieve rockabilly glamour that hails back to the 1940s when women began infiltrating the workplace. The history of the victory comes not only from style but from practicality. When women worked in factories, they needed a way to keep their hair out of their faces but still wanted to look fashionable. The name of the victory roll stems from the V shape that is formed from the rolls.

Fortunately, victory rolls don’t require as much time and skill as they may seem. All you need is a curler, bobby pins, and hairspray. In fact, the shortage of hairstyle materials during WWII caused the women to be resourceful with their hair styling. At one point, pipe cleaners were used in place of bobby pins to hold the style together.

Victory rolls are versatile for nearly any length and texture of hair, and look classy in both an up-do or a half-up, half-down style. They are easiest to work with when you have medium-length, thicker hair. But with enough hairspray, almost anything is possible!

It’s a good idea to curl your hair before you being creating your victory rolls, as it will help them hold their circular shape once pinned to your head. This can be achieved either with a hot curler or no-heat foam rollers.

Victory rolls tend to look better with a side part. However, if you have straight bangs then you can definitely get away with a center part. If you have side bangs, you’ll want to include the bangs in the victory roll.  Hair that hasn’t been recently washed is going to be easier to sculpt than freshly washed hair.

To start, section off your hair on one side of your part. Begin at the base of the ear and collect the hair in a straight line up to the part. Tease the base of the hair. Spray a bit of hair spray to set the tease. Comb over the front layer of the section so that none of the teasing shows. Then, hold the hair out straight and form a curl going in the upwards direction, and roll it down until it reaches your head. Pin the roll in place with a bobby pin. Once the roll is adjusted to your liking, add a few more bobby pins to ensure that it holds. Spray with more hairspray to hold.

Do the same thing on the other side. Your victory rolls are completed. Accessorize your hair with a vibrant flower if you wish.

If you would like some assistance with your victory rolls or other hairstyles, the talented stylists at Scizzors would love to assist you. Make your appointment today!

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