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Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Still looking for a Halloween costume idea? Look no further than one of these three easy Halloween makeup ideas! Instead of buying an expensive costume, simply put your makeup stills to good use. Now dust off those brushes and get to work!

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In order to give off an inhuman vibe, you will want to start with flawless skin. Use concealer and foundation to cover any imperfections, and be sure to hide those dark circles so that your face looks completely flat. Then, heavily apply blush on the apples of your cheeks only. If you don’t have a bright pink blush, a pink lipstick will work instead.

Since dolls tend to have pouty lips, you’ll only want to apply lipstick to the center of your lips. Draw a heart shape on your top lip, and then a circle that extends only as far as the sides of the heart on your bottom lip.

Dolls typically have very wide eyes, so use a white eyeliner pencil to color in your waterlines and make your eyes appear bigger. Apply false eyelashes to the top and bottom lids, or if you’d prefer, draw on eyelashes with an eyeliner pencil on the bottom lid. The lower lashes should be longer than the top, as this creates a more youthful look. You can also add freckles by dotting your cheeks with brown liquid eyeliner.

Comic Book Character

Look like you just popped out of a comic book with this simple costume. First, outline your forehead, jawbone, lips, and curves of the inner ear with a thick black liquid eyeliner. Draw a line down the bridge of your nose and around the nostrils. Then, accent your features by filling in your eyebrows with a dark color, adding brightly colored eye shadow, bright lipstick, and false eyelashes. The eye shadow should extend to the brow bone, and then be outlined with the liquid eyeliner.  Finally, use the end of a makeup brush to dot your face (or your whole body if you’re feeling ambitious) with red paint to create the illusion of the dotted newspaper style. Then, you can wear just about any outfit that you’d like. However, we suggest a polka dot dress to compliment the style of your makeup.


The great thing about choosing a zombie makeup theme is that you can pair it with any other costume. Turn your Alice in Wonderland costume in to Zombie Alice in Wonderland. Bored with your policewoman costume? Be a part of the Zombie Police instead!

The first thing you will need to do to transform into a zombie is to make your skin look sickly. Use costume makeup to cover any visible skin with light gray paint. For hollow eyes, use a red or purple tinted eye shadow beneath and all around the eye. Use brown eye shadow to accentuate the dark circles under your eyes by tracing the ones naturally occurring on your face.

Accentuating your bone structure to help your look be more skeletal. Apply reddish brown lipstick or eye shadow to the hollows of your cheeks, above the eyebrows, on the sides of the nose and nostrils, and on the collar bone and hollow parts of the neck. Don’t forget to apply some fake blood if you’re feeling fancy!

Please note that when painting your face, you should only use professional costume makeup made specifically for the face. Otherwise, regular paint can clog pores and cause breakouts.

Want some more makeup tips to use this Halloween? Visit us at Scizzors and we’d be happy to show you our favorite techniques.

What are you planning to be for Halloween?

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