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New Fall Trend of 2012- Blue Eyeshadow

Blue is a peaceful, calm, gorgeous color that is adored by many. However, it is a color often avoided in the makeup room.

Blue eyeshadow is a great way to incorporate a pop of color to your makeup. For any eye color, blue eyeshadow can add a new spark to your morning makeup routine, leaving others wondering how you are pulling off this trendy blue eyeshadow shade. As long as you know the correct hues of blue eyeshadow and the correct way to apply blue eyeshadow, then it doesn’t have to be off-limits.

Whether using light, bright, or dark blue eyeshadow, you can create a look that is gorgeous! Below is a guide from Stuff.co.nz to aid in using blue eyeshadow the right way so you can use different blue eyeshadows as often as you want.

Blue Eyeshadow is Back

Blue eyeshadow conjures up images of eighties prom night, but it doesn’t have to be that scary. Blue eyeshadow makes blue and green eyes pop and enhances their natural colour. From the lightest sky blue wash to the deepest navy, blue eyeshadows are all over the beauty counters this month.

Here’s how to wear it without looking like you’re an 80s throwback.


Get the lightest blue and sweep a hint of colour over your eyelid. Rim your eyes with a light brown eye pencil and a touch of mascara for a natural look with a twist.

Bronwyn’s Tip: Blending is the key to a soft and natural look. Invest in a good blending brush; it’ll be your new favourite tool.


For a bit of night-time drama try a smoky eye in blue. Replace your usual browns and greys with a palette of deep sea blues and babyish hues.

Wash a light blue eyeshadow over your entire eyelid, right up to the brow bone. Take a dark blue eyeshadow and run it into your eye crease, and into the outer corners of your eye, and along the bottom lash line. Blend to soften.

For a bit of extra shimmer, add a very light blue eyeshadow with a hint of sparkle (try M.A.C’s Chen Man or Maybelline’s Colour Plush) into the inner corners of the eyes.

Bronwyn’s Tip: For an over-the-top effect, use dark blue eyeliner instead of black.


Take the brightest blue you have (try Napoleon’s Loose Eye Dust in Electric Blue) and sweep it over your entire eyelid. Blend to soften any harsh edges. Now draw black eyeliner into your lash line top and bottom, and blend to smudge the line. Take a thin eyeshadw brush a run a tiny bit of blue along your bottom lash line. Finish off with lashings of mascara in either black or blue.

Bronwyn’s Tip: For a really intense blue, build up your eyeshadow by dabbing it on with a damp brush.


After learning the correct ways to apply blue eyeshadow, you can look fierce and gorgeous.. While others may not know how to work blue eyeshadow, you have been instructed in the ways of makeup magic. Never be afraid to try new things with your makeup routine as long as you do it in a classy way. Blue eyeshadow is no exception to this rule, allowing  you to rock any hue of blue eyeshadow you want. Get some great makeup tips along with a makeover at Scizzors… with or without blue eyeshadow, the choice is all yours!

If you have any questions or are interested in booking a makeup session, give us a call . We’d love to help you out!


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