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How to Keep Hair Color from Fading This Summer

Those who color their hair know how harsh the summer months can be on hair color.

Between the sun, pools, and the heat, hair color fades much more rapidly. It can be tough to keep up with the maintenance of hair color, especially in the midst of vacations and summer fun, when hair color protection is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Thankfully, the steps to protect your hair color are simple. So to avoid returning to the salon every couple of weeks, use these nine tips from eSalon.com to maximize the potential of your hair color. Who knew that your hair needs sunscreen too!

9 Ways To Keep Your Hair Color Fresh All Summer

The summer months are heating up and chances are you’re spending more time out in the sunshine. But before you step outside, don’t forget to layer up on your sun protection!

The warm season can do lots of damage to your tresses, so it’s important to have a strong defense all summer long. You’ll need to protect your color-treated hair from the sun, which can make your hair brittle and dry, and from chlorine build-up, which also dries out your hair. The damage caused by these factors will make your hair’s color molecules fade out faster – and without care your beautiful hair color could disappear before summer’s end.

So here are some ways to keep your hair color healthy and vibrant all summer long:

  1. Start off by using an extra hydrating shampoo and conditioner. This way you start off with plenty of moisture for the rest of the day. If your hair is on the fine side, alternate with a volumizing shampoo to give your strands more life in the summer heat. Always follow up with a moisturizing conditioner, which will help weigh down your ends to prevent frizz and keep hair smooth.
  2. If you have curly or wavy hair, use a styling cream to smooth down any frizziness and keep your hair in place for warm summer days. For fine hair, use a root lifting spray instead to give your hair some volume. If your hair is thick, apply a spray gel from the middle to the ends of your hair to help control frizziness and keep strands weighted down in the heat.
  3. Hair needs sunscreen too! UV rays from the sun can cause hair to break, which will contribute to the color fading faster. Use a sunblock on your hair to protect it, such as hair oil or detangler that contains UV protection. For a quick, at-home solution, dilute 2 teaspoons of sunscreen with 1 cup of water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spritz it onto your damp hair before going out into the sun.
  4. Chlorine dries out your hair, plus it can cause discoloration in your hair color. Before you go swimming, rinse your hair with water or coat it with a conditioner, then pull it into a ponytail. This will help dilute the chlorine in the water so it causes less damage (and the ponytail decreases the water absorption). When you get out of the water, rinse off your hair again to remove any chlorine or minerals remaining.
  5. Apply a hydrating hair mask once a week during the summer to restore moisture and make your hair glossy. It will also add a layer of protection for your color.
  6. The simplest way to protect your hair and hair color is to wear a hat whenever you go out in the sun.
  7. Avoid tools and products that will dry out your hair even more during the summer. Heated styling tools, like blow dryers and curling irons, dry out your hair and cause further damage. Let your hair air-dry naturally whenever possible. It’s a good idea to give your hair a break when there’s more natural heat to deal with.
  8. At the end of the summer, a protein mask can help revive locks that have gotten brittle and dry.
  9. When your hair’s still damp, apply a leave-in conditioner before you do any styling. This will add an extra boost of moisture and help repel humidity when you finally hit the sunshine. Remember to keep using the leave-in conditioner all summer long, because it locks in moisture, keeps hair soft, and prevents your hair color from fading in the sun. Even after a day outside, reapply it to restore the moisture you lost in the heat.

We know your hair color is precious to you (and why shouldn’t it be?), so it’s important it is to keep it looking bright and vivid all summer long, no matter where you go. If you take care to give your color some extra protection, your color will still be going strong even after the sun sets!

Fading is a common problem during the summer, especially for hair color with red undertones. It is nice to know that with a few easy steps, hair color can last longer.

While the best way to protect hair color from the sun appears to be covering hair completely or avoiding the sun, this method makes it hard to have fun and show off your locks. Try to be creative, like covering colored hair with a bandana or stylish hair wrap. Don’t let your hair coloring get in the way of your fun!

If your hair color starts to look faded, you might need an extra hair coloring before the summer is over. Contact us to set up an appointment.

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