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Arrojo: Daring to Be Unique

Scizzors is proud to carry a full line of Arrojo hair care products. Along with sharing the same name as the owner, the Spanish word “arrojo” translates in to “daring.”Arrojo Products at Scizzors SalonWe sincerely believe that this is how everyone should approach their hair; don’t just go along with the norm, be daring and try something others wouldn’t.

Arrojo invested a lot of time and energy into their company’s products, making them simple to use without sacrificing their effectiveness. When designing their product line, the one thing they focused on was to create a product that would allow a potential customer to pick it up and quickly understand its use by simply looking at the bottle.

Creator and owner Nick Arrojo explains the concept behind their products:

“Since opening Arrojo Studio I always dreamt of having my own product line. However, I’m a firm believer that you must have a successful, well-established business before launching a product. The time is now because we’ve gone from strength to strength, reaching a plateau that has allowed us to enter this very competitive market.

Really, the concept was simple: to create products that would be easy to understand – we want the consumer to be able to pick it up and know exactly what it does inside ten seconds and, as hairdressers working on the salon floor everyday, it had to match our own high expectations of product performance. We rigorously tested and refined each formula until we were completely happy.

Previously I’ve assisted Aveda, KMS and Wella with their own product development, so it was great to put these experiences into Arrojo Product. As for the packaging design, I see it as a reflection of the Arrojo Brand ñ youthful, modern and direct with a fuss-free simplicity.

For me it’s very important that we control everything in-house at Arrojo. I truly believe this ensures the integrity of everything we do, and gives us the best chance of continued success in the future. For five years we’ve been working to this goal so I’m very proud the packaging design, the copy and the colors were all created at the Arrojo Creative Offices, while the product benefits and the fragrances were both tested by our team before anyone else.

This is the beginning of a new company; a business venture we wholeheartedly believe in, and a hair product we love.”

Not only have they accomplished their goal of creating an easy to use and effective product, but they have also spent countless hours finding a pro-vitamin B5 complex that matched all of their expectations in terms of hair and scalp benefits. As a result, the pro-vitamin B5 complex is available in their each of their products. To learn more about their full line of products, visit www.arrojoproduct.com.



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