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The Rock-N-Roll Hairstyle: Making a Comeback in 2012

They say it’s not the clothes that make the rocker, but rather the hair that makes the rocker.

Your hair says a lot about your personality, and if you want to show others your rebellious side then a Rock-N-Roll hairstyle would suit you.

The Rock-N-Roll look has never gone out of style, but it has evolved over the years; Reflecting each sub-genre of Rock-N-Roll like goth, punk, classic, etc. For 2012, the Rock-N-Roll look best reflects the alternative sub-genre with its vivid colors and subtle style. Hair Stylers share three of the different Rock-N-Roll hairstyles that are in for 2012. Each has their own unique look that screams “I’m a rockstar!”

Rocker Hairstyles for 2012

The rocker fashion never really seems to go out of style. From gothic to punk to grunge to scene, Rock-N-Roll has no generational gap. But just as with every other fashion sense, the Rock-N-Roll evolves and changes as time moves on. So what are some new and popular ‘Rocker’ hairstyles for 2012?

Choppy-Straight Cut

The ‘choppy straight cut’ is a cute bob-like hair style. It features shoulder length hair cut into multiple different layers. The layers are very pronounced and noticeable- they literally look like someone took a pair of scissors and just went wild. Some pieces of hair seem to have a ‘point’. It’s a cute style that is great for straight hair and looks good on almost any face shape.

How to get choppy straight look?

  • Damping your hair a bit is a best option to soften your hair in order to cut them perfectly.
  • Always use fine tooth comb to comb while cutting your hair.
  • The best thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t need to blow dry or style it too much.
  • Let it dry naturally. Simply brush your hair and the haircut will gorgeous on you.

Red Hair

Red hair is in. Dark red hair is a new style that’s made a big appearance in modern day Rocker fashionistas. This color looks great on people with straight or wavy hair and can literally accent any skin tone, from the darkest dark to the lightest light.

Tips and tricks:

  • Red hair color oxidizes your hair faster than any other color. Thus if you do a lot of field work then it is better to use styling product having UV filters and wearing a scarf or hat is the cool option for you.
  • If you have dry and damaged hair then it’s tricky for you to hold molecules of red hair color as it can easily seep out from healthy hair too.
  • You have to be self-assured about changing your hair color as red color gives extreme change to your appearance.
  • Coppery red hair color is the latest option that you can try this summer to radiate your look and to remain a fashion forward personality.

Straight Black with Bangs

This cute style is traditional, classy, and one of the best ‘subtle’ styles that also has a total Rocker vibe. Jet black hair is a beautiful way to make a bold statement, and adding blunt eye-brow length bangs to the style makes a geometric look that is absolutely darling. This style looks great on people with high cheek bones. The length of the hair isn’t as important, but the blunt bangs and dark color look best when added to longer styles.

Who can wear this style?

Women having straight and wavy hair can put on bangs as it can frame up their face nicely and will accentuate their facial features at their best. Super short bangs are not your style if you have thick and curly hair.

Styling ideas:

  • Side swept bangs can give your hairstyle an alluring look by adding extra volume and texture to your thin hair which looks good on round face.
  • Try to add some layers in your bangs that hit below your chin to finely elongate your square shaped face.
  • Add wild bangs to your hairstyle which looks pretty on oval face shape as it is an ideal face shape.

Styling tips:

  • Before you make up your mind to get this haircut it is really important for you to consider your face shape as the same haircut won’t compliment every face.
  • Also you need to consider the skin type as this hairstyle won’t fit best with the oily skin because your hair releases natural oils which can ruin the hairstyle.

You don’t need to be a rocker or even a Rock-N-Roll fan to wear these hairstyles. But if you are looking to try a new look this summer, the rocker hairstyle is a fun and unique style that doesn’t require much maintenance.

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