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4 Steps to Prepare Your Hair for Coloring

Whether you choose to have your hair colored at home or professionally done in a salon, it is important to prepare your hair for coloring.
It is important to keep your hair unwashed 24 hours before the hair coloring. This will allow the hair’s natural oils to absorb the new color from the dye. Protecting your clothing is another important step to note. If you are coloring your hair at home be sure to wrap a towel or two around your neck to protect your skin and clothes.

If you are having your hair colored professionally, your stylist will ensure that you are covered with salon cape. Taking the proper steps to prepare your hair for coloring can help avoid damage to your hair and allow the new colors shine through. However, not following these simple hair care steps might lead you to be unhappy about your hair coloring. eHow.com has a few steps that you can follow to ensure that your hair is in the proper condition.



Request that the hair be unwashed. Recommend that the client does not wash her hair before coming in for color. Most hair color brands don’t suggest shampooing the hair beforehand.


Protect the clothes and skin from hair color stains. Drape capes over the client as well as towels to protect their clothing and skin from the hair dye.


Comb the hair. To prepare the hair for color, you should brush it and make sure that it’s tangle free. Keep the hair dry while you run the comb through it.


Apply a wax to the hairline of the client. This prevents the hair dye from staining these areas. Apply the wax in a thin layer over the skin and try not to get any in the client’s hair.

Home hair coloring kits have the advantage of being inexpensive and convenient, but when it comes to messes a professional hair stylist is the proper route to take. In the end, changing your hair color and experimenting with different shades can be a fun experience and bring variety to your appearance. Remember these four steps and you’ll be walking out of your home or salon with a radiant new style.

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