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Fabulous Ponytail Hairstyles to Try in 2012

Making ponytails your go-to hairstyle just got a lot more fun.

Ponytails are nothing new – they’re easy to pull off and great for the always-in-a-rush person. But since when does simple and convenient have to mean boring? It never does at Scizzors! Rev up the fun this year with a few unique ponytail hairstyle ideas.
Whether you’re into the sleek look, messy tangles or beachy waves, there’s a ponytail style that will fit your personality and your lifestyle.
We love the ponytails featured here by RealBeauty.com. If you’re craving some excitement, but you’re no pro when it comes to hair, these ponytails are your new best friend. Simple, and fun!

9 Cute Ponytails to Try Now

Give your go-to summer style a sexy upgrade with these fun ponytail ideas. Try any of these looks on for free in seconds with our Instant Hair Makeover tool.

Mermaid Ponytail

You don’t even have to bother with blow-drying your hair to get Blake Lively’s wavy pony. Use a brush to smooth damp hair back and secure it at eye level. Scrunch a soft-hold gel into the length of the tail to bring out your hair’s natural texture.

Side Ponytail

Mila Kunis’s flirty and feminine ‘do is easy to pull off. Start by winding sections of hair around a one-inch curling iron to create soft spirals. Then, part your hair down the center and gather everything into a low side pony, leaving out a few face-framing pieces.

Evening Pony

Emmy Rossum’s super-high, super-sleek ponytail is a great option when it’s really freaking hot outside, but you still want to look polished and elegant. Add an elastic a quarter of the way down the length of your hair, then weave a short, loose braid and secure with another elastic.

Pumped-Up Pony

Thandie Newton’s crazy-in-the-back pony is ideal for anyone with thick, wavy hair. To get the look, gather everything up and fasten it right above eye level. Backcomb the tail a few times for extra body. Finish by running a smoothing cream through the ends and over the front of your hair for shine.

Rocker Ponytail

Gisele’s fierce pony is anything but cheerleader-sweet. To get her look, comb gel through your roots, then use a brush to gather hair into a high ponytail. Mist the length of the tail with a beach spray for a tousled effect.

Bangin’ Pony

Whether you have long, blunt bangs like Jennifer Hudson or wispy, side-swept fringe, show them off by pulling all the rest of your hair back into a mid- to low-level ponytail. Run a flatiron over the length to make hair extra-sleek.

Classic Ponytail

For a pony that you can wear just about anywhere, opt for Jennifer Aniston’s flirty, mid-level version. The trick is to use your fingers to gather your hair back so the look isn’t too “done.” Leave out your bangs or any short, face-framing pieces to soften the style.

Twisted Ponytail

Leave it to trendsetter Sarah Jessica Parker to sport this cool ponytail/braid hybrid. For a similar effect, part your hair down the middle, then divide strands into two equal sections. Loosely weave them together and fasten with an elastic a few inches up from your ends.

Wrapped Ponytail

Gabrielle Union knows the trick to making this sleek high ponytail look absolutely perfect: Cover up the elastic with a one-inch section of hair. Pin down the ends underneath the base of tail. Use a drop of shine serum to tame any fuzzies.

Whether it’s the warmer weather or your lack of time, pulling of a sexy or spunky ponytail in a cinch has never been easier or more chic. Bet you never thought there were so many variations of the classic ponytail! Well… now you know. 😉 And now you can have fun finding your new favorite ponytail hairstyle for 2012.
You like unique, fun and fabulous, right? We assume you do, so we think you’ll love it here at Scizzors. Give us a visit, ask around, or take a peek through our other hair articles to learn more about what we can do for you. We love hair!

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