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Holiday Hair Accessories- Our Top Party Accessories for Hair

Other than delicious bites and delectable libations, the holiday season is all about things of beauty. Beautiful celebrations, beautiful decorations,

and beautiful looks all around. One of our favorite things about any season is hair (of course), and so it only makes sense that our favorite thing about the holiday season is creating party-ready hair. The best way to get all dolled up for the holiday season- holiday hair accessories!

As you get ready for a bevy of holiday parties in 2011 and beyond, festive hair accessories are one way you can really make a statement. Creating holiday hairstyles for each outing, or just ‘reusing’ the same fabulous holiday hairstyle for each party, needs to look effortless yet chic. Holiday hair accessories add that touch of  elegance, class, fun and creativity to any holiday hairstyle.

From sparkling headbands to embellished hair clips, beaded beauties to feathered creations, the 2011 holiday season is full of fun and creative hair accessorizing ideas. Whether you want to make a bold statement with a peacock-style clip or you just want to ratchet up the glam with a bejeweled pin, your options for holiday hair accessories this year are endless.  Hey, you can even use some leftover ribbon for your holiday hair accessorizing!

Allure.com reveals five fabulous holiday hair accessories for 2011. Click here to find a great hair accessory for you!

Snazzing up your holiday ‘do is easy when you have some great hair accessorizing ideas on tap. Your holiday hair accessorizing can be done using anything from necklaces, spare ribbons and leather to sparkling hair clips, earrings and feathers. Working with materials that you can wrap into your hair, like leather or ribbon, will blend nicely with your locks.

When blending a lot of jewelry into your hair, be cautious not to overdue it. Jeweled holiday hair accessories usually only look good when placed on one side. Using a necklace as your holiday hair accessory, however, to offset a classy chignon can be a fun and funky way to update a holiday hairstyle.

Your options for holiday hair accessories in 2011 are plentiful, so you can create your own unique look by combining your own ideas with the inspiration from this article.

Ah, and now that you’re all grown up, have you strayed away from do-it-yourself holiday decorations and crafts? There’s no reason why you can’t let your creative tendencies flow for the holiday season. Get crafty and make your own holiday hair accessories for a one-of-a-kind look. Here are a few DIY holiday hair accessory ideas to get you started:

Braided headband

What you’ll need:

  • Holiday ribbons
  • Tape


  1. Save your holiday ribbons. They’re useful for more than just gift wrapping! Take three pretty ribbons and knot them together at the top.
  2. Tape the knot to a hard surface.
  3. Braid the three ribbons, and knot it at the bottom.
  4. Remove the tape.
  5. Voila! You have a beautiful braided headband.

Ponytail holders

What you’ll need:

  • Holiday ribbons or pieces of leather, satin or velvet
  • Elastic band


  1. Pick two or three ribbons, pieces of leather, satin or velvet. Try to mix textures for a fun effect.
  2. Each ribbon should be six to 12 inches each depending on how long you want them.
  3. Tie ribbons to the elastic band in a single knot.
  4. Put your hair in a ponytail, and then arrange the ribbons. You can let them hang down, tie a bow around the elastic or even braid them into your hair.

Sequin barrettes

What you’ll need:

  • Hot glue
  • Sequins
  • Clear nail polish
  • A barrette


  1. Brush the top of the barrette with clear nail polish. Let it dry.
  2. Lay out the sequins the way you will want them on the barrette. Then add a drop of glue to the back of each sequin.
  3. Place the sequins on the barrettes and let the glue dry well.
  4. Put a coat of clear nail polish on over the sequins, and let them dry.

With these DIY holiday hair accessory ideas, you’re sure to keep the party going all season long… and all winter long, too! Have fun dressing up your hair with these (or your own) holiday hair accessories. 🙂

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