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Find Your Perfect Curly Hair Updo

It can be difficult to find a true tutorial for a curly hair updo because many of the models in demonstrations don’t actually have curly hair, but rather straight hair that has been curled.And for all you curly haired girls, you know there’s a difference!  We know that those curls can be hard to manage, but rather than forcing your curly hair straight, you can use a curly hair updo to reign in the curls while maintaining their beauty and elegance.

Here’s a quick and easy curly hair updo that you can try! This curly hair updo is basic and very easy to pull off. Pull your curly hair back and secure in a tight bun at the top of your head.  To spice up this basic curly hair updo bun you can add cute accessories like a headband and a side clip; then this curly hair updo bun will work for any season.  LifeStyleKarma.com gives you a few more great curly hair updos that you can try right at home!

Easy Updos For Curly Hair

Does your curly hair seem to be a problem? Before you take the life out of them by getting them under a pressing machine and making them awkwardly straight, know that you can manage your curly tress really well with some simple hair updos. Agreed, curly hair is difficult to style as compared to straight or wavy hair. But there is no denying the fact that curls have their own charisma and look absolutely glamorous when styled perfectly. Remember, how soft curls falling on to your cheeks enhanced the romance quotient on your first date? If yes, then why do you want to do away them in the first place? Now, that you have changed your mind, you must surely be looking for options to style your curly hair. Try and updo style and give a classic touch to your entire personality. The best part about the style is that you don’t have to spend much time to get the extremely gorgeous hair updo. In a couple of minutes, you can create various hair updos. There are a number of hair updos for curly hair, which provide a quick solution for styling your curly hair. In case you are planning to do a hair updo, don’t wash the hair the same day, as washing would make the curly hair very fluffy then. Wash them a day before you want to actually style them. These hair updos make the appearance ultra attractive. Accessorizing the hair updo with hair accessories will enhance its appeal. In the following lines, find out some quick and easy updos for curly hair.

Quick Updo Ideas For Curly Hair

Classic Bun

Curly hair looks great with a simple, elegant bun. A bun showcases the inside texture of the hair in a very sophisticated manner, yet it carries out a timeless silhouette. To add an extra interest to the bun, create zigzag curls. It takes the look of hair updo from simple to romantic to sexy and provides a feminine touch to the same. To create this look, wash your hair with a mild shampoo a day before styling the hair. In case you have washed on the day itself, dry them on low heat with a diffuser. Scrunch all the hair as they dry. Take any good hair mousse and apply it on the hair. This will help in maintaining the texture and smoothness of the hair. Also, hair mousse reduces the frizzyness of the curly hair. Pull the entire hair backward and tie them up in a ponytail. Now twist the hair upwards. Then take a long twisted strand and start twisting it around itself in a circular direction. Secure it with bobby pins. Apply hairspray and you are done. This is great updo for a casual look.

Romantic Tendrils

The updo is very simple and can be done in a variety of ways. It is best for weddings, prom nights and happening parties as it lends the hair an artistic touch. The hair very gently falls on face and shoulder. To do this awesome hair updo, wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Straight the curly hair with a pressing machine. Now use a curling iron with a 3/8 inch barrel to curl short tendrils and whisp. It will soften your updo. When all the hair gets curled, sweep them into a bun. Let some of the hair fall around your face. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Apply a hair spray. You are now done with a great yet easy hair updo for curly hair.


If you want a much sophisticated and elegant look with curly hair, French twist would suit you best. To create the French twist, use a comb to make two even sections of your hair at your natural hair part. The sections must be straight and smooth. Now tie up one section nicely. Come to the free section; start with your front hair. Twist them around tightly. Continue twisting until you reach past your ears and secure them with a nice beautiful barrette. Now repeat the same procedure with the other section also and tie them up with a matching barrette. Turn and tuck them into a French twist. Secure with bobby pins and apply hair spray.


A chick hairstyle, this hair updo is meant for almost every occasion. Earlier chignon was only restricted to the adult and mature gathering, but now due to its increasing popularity, chignon has become a popular choice. Many celebrities have also chosen this hair updo for various occasions. The hair must be long for this updo. However, shoulder length hair will also work. Take a styling cream to give a smooth texture to the hair and massage well with your fingers. Now gather all your hair at the nape of the neck. Tie them with rubber band. Apply the extra cream at the head on the ponytail. Then split the ponytail into two equal sections. Twisting one of the sections take it to the other side, also wrap the base of the ponytail during the same procedure. Secure it with bobby pins. Do the same with the other section too. Apply hair spray and you are ready.

With these awesome quick and easy hair updos for curly hair at hand, you can explore nice styles for your tresses and look gorgeous, glamorous, stunning and extraordinary.

These are curly hair updos that you can wear for virtually every occasion, but we wanted to add How-to video links to help you along the road to finding your perfect curly hair updo.  The romantic tendril curly hair updo is great for curly hair because it allows you to take advantage of the curls you already have — with this curly hair updo, your curls are welcome to fall into your face!  For a more sleek looking curly hair updo, the chignon is the perfect curly hair updo; this curly hair updo gives you a polished, professional look.

You can also use products you already have at home to control the frizz that might come along with your curly hair and can help to prep you for a great curly hair updo.  Here’s a quick recipe for a leave-in hair product that will benefit your hair when you try your curly hair updo:

  1. Find an empty shampoo bottle and clean it thouroughly
  2. Fill the empty bottle 1/3 with the conditioner that you use
  3. Fill another 1/3 of the bottle with hair gel
  4. Fill the rest of the bottle up with watter and shake it
  5. Shampoo your hair regularly and comb your hair with a comb or your fingers.
  6. Squeeze excess water off and dry in a towel and part your hair as you normally would
  7. Pour a golfball sized drop into the palm and rub hands together and loosley incorperate it into each side of the parted hair
  8. Leave your hair alone or tie it up and the next day spritz hair with a water spritzer and wear your hair as you want.  The next day repeat steps 6-9.

A curly hair updo doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, trying a new curly hair updo should be easy and fun.  Sporting a curly hair updo can also be a great way to get that curly hair our of your face at work, school and around the house.  Especially if you’re running late or you’re always on the go, curly hair updos may become your new best friend. Good luck trying out these trendy curly hair updos!


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