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5 Hairstyles to Try in 2011

We’ve already shared some basic tips on how to create braided hairstyles – just one of the many hairstyle trends seen on the runways for 2011 – but there are definitely more trendy hairstyles that you must try in 2011.Some of these hairstyles have been around for a long time, but they’re getting even more popular and a lot more creative and versatile.

Whether you’re rocking a short or longer hairstyle for 2011, be sure to get your hair trimmed often.  Layers look best blended – layers don’t look that great if they’re jagged.  For longer hair with a medium thickness, blended layers are best.  For fine hair, chunkier layers will give the appearance of fullness.  Wavy hairstyles paired with side bangs are extremely popular as more women look for sexy hairstyles that are easy to create.  In the following article from Refinery29.com, Betsey McLain reveals five hairstyles that you must try in Spring 2011.

5 Spring 2011 Hairstyles We’re Loving!

If the abundance of 2011 fashion trends already has you buzzing, then brace yourself for our round-up of 2011 hair trends, because it’s about to get epic. We’re not suggesting taking your tresses to any too-styled level, but nothing shakes things up like a new ‘do, and you’ll be hard pressed not to fall for the wearable élan of this season’s offerings. We give a nod to short with the pixie’s bad-ass cousin; say goodbye to the topknot as buns go low; and try something serious with a more severe side part. Plus, from an off-to-the-side swoop to thick, Jane Birkin-esque ’70s fringe, bangs are definitely back. So, whether you’re down to take some style risks or just want to effortlessly change things up, we’ve got your new look covered.

The Low Bun

Last year may have been the year of the top knot, but that’s all about to change as buns make a shift to the nape. Pair the style with some sexy-glamorous sunnies for a relaxed-yet-elegant, warm-weather vibe.

  • Tip: Guido Palau, who created the look for Nina Ricci’s spring show, recommends starting with a center part. Next, pull hair into a low ponytail, making sure to cover the ears. Then twist the ponytail into a loose knot. Remember, a too-tight style will look overly austere, so keep it loose for a touch of bohemian flair.

The New Side Part

We’ve been digging the extreme side part for a while, but now we’re really crushing on them because of the versatility. The look works on both long and short hair and can go sleek and minimal or curly and wild.

  • The Tip: Sam Brocato, owner of Sam Brocato Salon, gives us the key to finding your perfect part: “Place a comb flat against the side of your head. The spot where your head leaves the comb is where the part should be placed. Pull hair into a sleek, low ponytail or secure curls with a few bobby-pins.”

The Jane Birkin Bang

Though there’s a decidedly ’70s feel to this look, blunt bangs are very of-the-moment, as proven by Mulberry, Twinkle, and a slew of spring designer look-books

  • The Tip: “With this look, the fringe becomes your main accessory,” says Kattia Solano of Butterfly Studio Salon. “Bangs should be heavy, slightly longer on the sides, and kept below the eyebrows. Layers are long and flowing, with a slight angle below the chin. Blow dry your bangs with a brush, then spray hairspray on a comb and comb through to make them look solid and thick.”

The Punky Short Cut

Ready for a big change in 2011? Go short with the messy, punk-inspired cut that popped up on the spring runways—think Carmen Kass and Balenciaga. Keeping some length on top maintains femininity, while a bit of disheveled drama makes it a little rowdy.

  • The Tip: “The most versatile way to get this look is an undercut with length on top,” says Pasquale Ferrante, co-founder of ION Studio. “To style, use a texturizing spray when wet, followed by a wax-based styling product once hair is dry.”

The Swoop

We’ve mentioned this quick-change style before, and we predict it’s going to big for 2011. Go au naturel, like at Rodarte’s spring show, or super sleek à la Louis Vuitton.

  • The Tip: Loosely pin your bangs to the side, either with bobby-pins or a barrette. Use a dry shampoo to add texture or gel for hold and shine.

While blunt, heavy bangs give a fresh look to any hairstyle, you should be careful when you blow-dry your bangs.  Protect longer strands from the heat by applying a styling cream throughout before you blow-dry, and use a lower heat setting for your bangs.  Another ‘70s inspired hairstyle that’s making a comeback in 2011 is long, loose waves.  This hairstyle is soft and beautiful and you don’t need to worry about messing it up.  If your hair isn’t naturally wavy, try braiding damp hair before you go to bed and pulling them out in the morning.  You could also take some sections of your hair and use a curling iron to get the loose, messy waves you’re craving.

Whatever hairstyle you’re thinking of trying for 2011, have fun creating a unique look.  This is the year for originality because each of these hairstyles will come out different every time you create them.  Hair accessories are huge in 2011, and this follows the theme of originality.  Add a personal touch to your hairstyle with embellished pins and barrettes and decorative hair pieces.  Make a statement with your hairstyle this year.  Remember – 2011 is not about perfection, so have fun with your hair creations!

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