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How to Apply a Smoky Eye

Want to go out looking gorgeous or just spice up your day look? Here is a super quick and easy way to create a smoky eye for any time of day! Are words not enough? Watch this instructional video by Rebecca!

Step 1:

Use a black eyeliner to make small dashes lining your eye. This allows you to correct mistake more easily than if you try to do a single full line. Don’t go completely around the eye, cover only line ¾ of your bottom lid, leaving the inner corner free.

Step 2:

Next, use a liner brush with a dark colored eye shadow to apply on top of the eyeliner. This makes it darker and easier to blend later on. Again, use small dashes to apply; you only need to lightly pad on the eye shadow underneath the eye. Use your blending brush to blend away any residual powder.

Step 3:

Take your eye shadow brush and cover both sides with the same dark color you put on top of your eyeliner. Apply it just above the crease of your eye, but only from the outside corner to above your pupil. Pad on the eye shadow lightly, slowly moving down to color your eyelid. Again, use your blending brush to blend what you just applied.

Step 4:

Clean off your shadow brush and choose a light color for the inside of your eye. Apply the lighter color from over your pupil to the inner corner of your eye. If you have any residual powder left on the brush, apply it just underneath your eyebrow. And then, you guessed, use the blending brush to meld all the colors.

Step 4:

Next use a color that is in between the first two shades, a medium dark color. Use your eye shadow brush to apply it over the whole area that you have already put the dark and light eye shadow to blend it together. Use your blending brush with a back and forth motion to complete the blending.

Step 5:

If you want a really dramatic effect, use your liner brush with the darkest color and apply it over your eyeliner again. Then apply mascara and get ready to dazzle the world with your new sultry look!

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